Digital Modulator System

Seamless delivery and integration

A digital modulator installation uses sophisticated digital distribution technologies to deliver an integrated DStv satellite signal into any of the leading hospitality systems. A variety of hospitality systems are available from satellite equipment distributors. The most popular methods in the market use Ethernet or Digital Terrestrial (coaxial) signal distribution. You can customise the user interface of the hospitality system to match your brand and visual identity.

*Please note, this solution is not a DStv Product and therefore not supported by MultiChoice.

Benefits of Digital Modulated Solution

A digital modulator installation is mostly used by hotels who use their own internal media systems and a selection of DStv channels that is distributed to the rooms. The system either use Ethernet or Digital Terrestrial (DTT) network technologies with re-encryption CAM’s to protect the content before distribution. A non-DStv decoder receiver is connected near or embedded into the TV set, to decode the content. We list the advantages of this system:

This is a premium product, for Hotels that want to showcase their own media content combined with DStv channels.

A single unified hospitality system (in-room viewing, welcome screens and menus).

Convert up to eight DStv channels into a single digital channel.

A user-customisable channel list.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) - enabled.

Remote access allowing 3rd party installers to resolve problems remotely or configure new services.

Seamless integration with hospitality TV's.

Choice of decoder or receiver in the rooms.

*Please note, You can only watch what your subscription package allows you.

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