DStv Over Ethernet

One network, many advantages

The DStv over Ethernet installation is a setup that uses an innovative DStv SAT>IP server that receives and distributes satellite signals to new or existing Ethernet networks at zero data cost. This solution is ideal for small to medium commercial installations.

Benefits of SAT>IP Installation

The DStv SAT>IP server is a cost-effective solution for distribution of DStv over Ethernet networks. A DStv SAT>IP server offers easy setup with quick deployment using the auto network configuration feature. No need for additional de-encryption and re-encryption with an approved DRM solution required by comparable DStv over Ethernet hospitality system in the market. Supported and Installed by a DStv-accredited installers. You can also enjoy these additional advantages:

Decoder in each room:

Viewers have the flexibility to watch whatever they want.

They can enjoy an HD-quality picture with stereo/surround sound.

Access to up-to-date programme information (this includes now, next and then channel programming lineup and an 8-day TV Guide).

The number of channels is not limited by the available hardware.

Decoders are secure and cannot be used without your authorisation.

My Channels sorts all your subscription channels together and removes those that are not in your package.

Decoders can be insured against loss, theft, mechanical failure and damage caused by lightning, fire and floods.

Zero Data DStv Streaming to each TV point:

Localised live DStv streaming over an Ethernet network ensure no ISP Internet data cost.

A low to no maintenance solution

Universal plug-and-play to your local network.

A cost-effective DStv over Ethernet solution.

Scalable to multiple servers on a single network.

*Please note, You can only watch what your subscription package allows you.

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