Simple Satellite Solution

Simple and scalable

A DStv Simple Satellite installation is the most traditional DStv business setup and involves the coaxial connection of multiple decoders directly to the satellite dish. The connections are then combined and distributed to any number of TV points using splitters.

Benefits of DStv Simple Satellite Installation

A DStv simple satellite Installation, use traditional satellite signal reception and distribution technologies that provides you with a scalable solution, that can be expanded based on the number of TV points. Each TV point is connected with its own HD decoder that makes your guest feel right at home. A simple satellite solution also has these advantages:

The installation can be performed and supported by a DStv-accredited installers.

No need for special equipment.

Viewers have the flexibility to watch what they want*.

They can watch an HD-quality picture with stereo sound.

Up-to-date electronic programme guide (this includes now, next and then channel programming line-up and a 8-day TV Guide).

The number of channels is not constrained by the available hardware.

Decoders are secure and cannot be used without your authorisation.

My Channels sorts all your subscription channels together and removes those that are not in your package, giving your customers access to all the channels you subscribed to.

You can insure your decoders against loss, theft, mechanical failure and damage caused by lightning, fire and floods.

It comes with a 12-months hardware warranty backed by DStv-approved suppliers

Easy maintenance with minimal impact to your customers. Faulty decoders can be replaced individually without affecting other viewing customers.

*Please note, You can only watch what your subscription package allows you.

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