Magical movies to keep your kids entertained these school holidays at only R99/pm

Magical movies to keep your kids entertained these school holidays at only R99/pm

It’s time for a little mid-winter magic and tales of adventure and daring told in the long nights.

This July DStv has over 300 movies on offer including the latest big studio releases, all 100% ad-break free. They’re available for you to watch at home, where you can wear your pyjamas and the only things breathing all over you are the people and pets you love. You could watch it all when you ADD Movies to your DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Family or Access subscription for just R99 per month.

Linking ADD Movies to your existing DStv package makes DStv’s Premium movie channels M-Net Movies 1M-Net Movies 2 and fliekNET available on your DStv decoder.

Whether you’re bunding up the children for their stories of snow queens and fairies, or introducing your older kids to the wonders of The Lord of The Rings or some grownup re-tellings of classic tales like Maleficent, Mistress of Evil or Jack The Giant Slayer, let M-Net Movies 1 (DStv channel 104) be your fireside storyteller.

And because you’re never too old for storytime, M-Net Movies 2 (DStv channel 106) is filling July with punch-ups and punchlines for grownups in action comedies like Tyan Reynolds’ The Hitman's Bodyguard, Chris Hemsworth’s MIB International, and Charlize Theron’s Gringo, along with straight up epic action films like Kevin Costner’s Western drama Let Him Go and disaster/crime movie Force of Nature.

And if you want to dip into the local movie chocolate box, July’s gourmet treats on fliekNET (DStv channel 149) include action, comedy, and crime movies from writers like Deon Meyer, Leon van Nierop, and Nosipho Dumisa.

Keep reading to have a look at what’s to come. Decide what you want to see live, and if you can’t be there, you can still set your recordings on your DStv Explora or DStv Explora Ultra. Simply view the TV Guide, select your favourites and press “record” on your remote. Some of the films will also be available to watch throughout the month on Catch Up.

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Punch-ups & Punchlines

Big stars, big laughs and big action are coming your way this July on M-Net Movies 2 (DStv channel 106). Force of Nature is the perfect movie for a stormy night, while Let Him Go ramps up the family drama to get you sweating in a perfect at-home workout. And when it comes to action comedy, even local girl Charlize Theron is getting in on the act, working behind and in front of the camera in the comedy Gringo. Plus there’s much more to see. Flip through the movies below for some surprises.

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Festival of magic for tweens & up

Fantasy fans can snuggle down for some beautiful, epic tales with ADD Movies. Maleficent pits 2 of cinema’s greatest on-screen fantasy queens, Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer, against one another, with Michelle playing the kind of outspoken racist hatemonger who’s not afraid to ruin family get-togethers for all time. We hope she gets eaten by mice. Jack The Giant Slayer sends the Jack And The Beanstalk fairytale on a twisty journey that turns it into an epic adventure tale in which Jack must stop the utterly gross giants from treating humans like a tasty pick n mix. Ewan McGregor’s voice work as Jack’s sidekick Elmont is a hoot. And for 3 afternoons around 3pm, your own fellowship will be able to gather together to watch director Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings trilogy.

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Festival of Magic for kids

July is school holiday time and the winter break is going to mean a lot of time spent indoors for the little ones. With ADD Movies, you can wave your wand (that remote control in your hand) and feed their imaginations throughout the month. Both Frozen movies are here to delight a whole new batch of toddlers and younger school kids with sing-along music and comedy. And the winter wonderland continues in 3 beautiful Snow Queen movies. There are also 4 Tinker Bell fairy stories (including Secret of The Wings) to enchant with rand adventures and quest – along with love, luck and fairy dust. And if your kids love Tink, The Pirate Fairy movie offers a similar combination of magic and wild adventures.

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fliekNET movies

Thrillers, drama romance, a little noir action, some comedy...whatever you like, fliekNET (DStv channel 149) has something to show you. With top notch writers like Deon Meyer, Leon van Nierop, Nosipho Dumisa and Jans Rautenbach creating these twisty plots, there’s never a dull moment. And in July when you ADD Movies, you can also see the intense, heart-breaking rhino poaching documentary film Stroop, which has been shown to conservation groups, police and anti-poaching organisations around the world.

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How to ADD movies

The ADD movies add-on package gives customers more choice and control to structure their entertainment needs, including the flexibility to add this service on a month-to-month basis. ADD movies today by saying “hi” to DStv on Whatsapp (060 060 3788), linking the add-on package in your MyDStv app, or by signing up via the DStv website.

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