What do I need to complete the Vendor Registration process?

It is mandatory that each accredited installation company be vendor registered with MultiChoice, to be able to receive payments for services rendered.

The following documents must be supplied by along with your application:

  • A Tax clearance certificate (valid for the applicable year);
  • Company registration documents (CIPC / CIPRO) / ID (if sole proprietary);
  • A copy of an Invoice – this must be titled ‘Tax invoice’ if your company is VAT registered or just ‘Invoice’ if your company is not VAT registered. It must include your bank details;
  • A BEE certificate (valid for the applicable year) or a BEE affidavit;
  • An original letter (stamped) from the bank confirming the banking details of the registered company: name of the account holder, account number, account type, branch name and branch code;
  • Company letterhead;
  • A VAT103i document (optional for VAT registered companies)