Blocking Websites

The DStv Trusted Home App provides users the ability to setup content filtering on their networks to better manage what is being accessed by a household or business. Users can create allow and block lists for websites and domains.

A domain is essentially the name of a website. An example of a domain would be irdeto.com. Our domain will be the name connected to all webpages, such as www.dstv.com and www.dstv/tvshows

A website is what users see and interact with while accessing a domain. You can access a website using a URL, which is the location of a website.

When updating the allow or block list on a network, you will be asked to enter the website information. If you would like to allow or block one specific website, or page on a domain (subdomain), then you will enter the full URL of the website. An example of a website is www.dstv.com and www.dstv/tvshows. To add a website to a list, be sure to enter the URL, including the www.

To add a domain to an allow or block list, then you will need to enter only the domain address, such as irdeto.com. Note, that the domain does not include the www in the address. Adding a domain to a list will either allow or block access to all webpages within a domain.

Example: If you wanted to block all of Twitter from being accessed, you would enter twitter.com on the blocked list. This would cover all subdomains, or webpages, within Twitter. Now, if you wanted to only block the home page of Twitter, you would enter www.twitter.com. The would block access to www.twitter.com, and still provide access to www.twitter.com/settings/account/personalization.