Change of Ownership

This error occurs when change of ownership has happened and the smartcard is still linked to the previous owner’s profile.

To resolve this, the previous owner needs to ensure that the device being sold is unlinked from their online profile. The new owner needs to ensure that the device has been removed from the previous online profile.

If the previous owner cannot be contacted, then please escalate your query to [email protected].

Yes you can but it’s important for you to note that if your decoder is an older model which is at the end of its lifecycle, we cannot fix or replace it with the same model decoder if it breaks. You cannot take out insurance on this decoder. We also no longer do software upgrades for this decoder.

If you are you still comfortable to proceed with the activation then you can go ahead.

Change of ownership happens when…

  • You bought a second hand decoder
  • You received a decoder as a gift
  • You inherited the decoder

So you have a decoder that you want to use? Download our Change of Ownership form to start the process.

The completed form and other required documents can be dropped off at a MultiChoice Service Centre or Agency, sent via email to [email protected] or faxed to 011 577 4901.

The following documents are needed together with the change of ownership form to complete the request for change of ownership:

  • New owner's ID document (the previous owner's ID isn't needed anymore)
  • If bought from a second hand retailer, proof of purchase and the new owner’s identity document
  • If previous owner is deceased, and the new owner is related to the deceased, we require the Executor Letter and the new owner’s identity document
  • If previous owner is not known to new owner, we require proof of purchase and the new owner’s identity document
  • If the bank account holder is different to the subscriber, we require the Third Party Authority to Debit Form, together with proof of banking i.e. bank statement, a bank-stamped letter, or a cancelled cheque

Please Note: Passport holders are to visit their closest DStv Agency or Service Centre to complete the process

  • MultiChoice enters into an agreement with the customer who accepts the terms and conditions of their DStv account.
  • Each DStv account is unique to a customer as it is representative of the agreement that the customer has entered into with us.
  • Decoders can be moved between customer accounts via the change of ownership process.
  • Proof of identification of the new owner is required as reference, in case there are any questions from the previous owner in the future.
  • Proof of purchase is required when a customer buys a decoder from a pawn shop, to ensure that we don’t activate stolen decoders.
  • By law, a letter from the executor of the deceased estate is required to change ownership of possessions.