Certain features are not supported on the DStv Explora. These include: Watchlist, Recently Watched, Continuous Play, Resume and Downloads.

  • You need internet at home. Showmax requires an internet connection of at least 2Mbps. On the DStv Explora, an uncapped connection with at least 10Mbps is recommended for the best experience.
  • You need to connect your DStv Explora to the internet (view more info, including detailed steps).
  • You need to subscribe to Showmax (you can sign up at showmax.com/dstv).
  • You need to be paying a monthly DStv subscription and Access Fee

The DStv Explora has a daily maintenance slot and will download the software when it is next switched on again. The downloading of new software takes approximately 10 minutes.

No. You can, however, control viewing of Showmax content by using Showmax Blocking in the Parental Control menu. When Showmax Blocking is switched “on”, you’ll need to enter the valid PG PIN each time you select to watch something in Showmax.

To setup Showmax Blocking:

  • Press the blue DStv button
  • Scroll to Settings
  • Select Parental Control
  • Select Showmax Blocking
  • Enter your PG PIN (if you have not set one up, use the default 1234)
  • Switch Showmax Blocking “On”
  • Press BACK to save your settings

If you have not yet personalised your PG PIN, please do this via the PG settings option on the Parental Control menu. If your PG PIN is blocked, you can set it back to default by clearing the error on your decoder using Self Service.

The option to download Showmax content for viewing later is not supported on the DStv Explora.

Showmax works differently to DStv Catch Up. When you stream a programme on DStv Catch Up, it is saved to the hard drive of the DStv Explora and is available for you to watch again at a later stage.

When you stream a programme on Showmax, it does not save to the hard drive of the DStv Explora.

Anyone who has connected their DStv Explora to the internet (and switched connected services “on”) is able to browse Showmax content – you’ll see Showmax content when going to the Showmax screen, the “Just Added” screen which is displayed each time the blue DStv button is pressed, and in search results. This does not require a subscription to Showmax. That is only required when you want to watch Showmax content.

Yes, your DStv Explora can be added to another one or two decoders in XtraView. Please chat to your local DStv Accredited Installer for more information on available decoder combinations and any changes that may be required to your installation.

Please note, there is a second monthly Access Fee required when linking three decoders in XtraView.

Yes, the decoder comes with the HDMI cable to connect it to your HD TV and the power cable to connect it to the mains.

No. You need to be a Showmax subscriber to use Showmax on your DStv Explora. Access to Showmax on the DStv Explora also requires a DStv subscription and payment of the monthly Access Fee (R105).

The recommended installation is an 80cm satellite dish with a DStv Smart LNB.

If your decoder is linked to multiple TVs, linked to other decoders in XtraView or you live in a complex where you cannot install your own individual dish, we recommend chatting to your nearest DStv Accredited Installer for info.