HD Single View Decoder

You can manually update the software as follows :

  • Press the blue DStv button
  • Go to Settings
  • Select User Preferences
  • Select General
  • Select Download latest software
  • (If this option is greyed out, the decoder is already on the latest software)

The performance of the Single View HD Device is directly related to the quality of the installation (including use of approved equipment and correct alignment of the satellite dish)

The recommended installation for the Single View HD Device is a single LNB (it will however also work if connected to a twin, quad, UniCable™ or DStv Smart LNB). If this device is linked to another one using XtraView, a DStv Smart LNB is recommended.

Please note:

  • MultiChoice recommends the use of an 80cm dish for all installations.
  • If making changes to an existing XtraView installation, please DO NOT disconnect the cable that links the two existing devices until you have phoned MultiChoice and requested that the XtraView link between those two existing devices is broken.
  • View one channel at a time
  • HD Capable (720i and 1080i)
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 capable
  • Content Discovery with multiple search options
  • Eight-day TV guide
  • Reminders
  • 24-hour i-Plate
  • Parental Control
  • XtraView capable
  • Widescreen capable
  • Hearing Impaired Subtitles (when available)
  • User friendly HD menus
  • Interactive Applications (SuperSport, News24, Weather and more)
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