Contracts offers you an affordable way to own a DStv Explora by paying it off over 24 months. We also have Contract offers for subscription only – where you save by signing up for either 12 or 24 months.

We’ll carry out a standard credit evaluation and affordability check to see if you qualify.

And, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid South African ID document
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Not currently under administration or debt review
  • You must agree to let MultiChoice run a credit check

All new and existing customers have to go through the credit evaluation process to qualify for a Contract.

If you’re an existing customer you’ll undergo an internal process.

We need to let you know that you probably won't be approved if your current account status is in arrears and / or your account status is:

  • fraudulent
  • suspended
  • a bad debt write-off
  • closed

If you’re a new DStv customer and are applying for a Contract, please submit the following documents:

  • A completed Subscription Agreement Form, found at our Service Centres or DStv Agency
  • A South African ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Payslip or proof of income
  • Valid bank account details

Not all offers come with installation, refer to the terms of the price lock offer that you are interested in.