How to pay using the MyDStv app

You can pay your DStv account in the MyDStv app by using one of the below methods:

  • Credit Card
  • Instant EFT
  • FNB Pay
  • Nedbank
  • Masterpass
  • Snapscan
  • Zaper
  • RMB Pay

Our payments are safe and secure and powered by Pay@.

No you cannot set up a debit order using the MyDStv app but you can visit our website and set one up there: https://www.dstv.co.za/mydstv/#my-account/set-up-debit-order

No, in-app purchases are not activated in the MyDstv app. This is because you cannot watch your DStv content via the MyDStv app, and you are not unlocking any digital content or features in this app.

No, paying for your account in the MyDStv app does not make content available. You can view DStv content via your decoder with satellite dish or by downloading our companion app from the Play Store, iStore and AppGallery.