MultiChoice has designed this sample statement with you in mind. It explains the information contained in your monthly statement. Please note that this is an example and not a true reflection of any customer's DStv account. 

MultiChoice Statement Example
Postal address

This is the customer’s postal address.

2 Customer number

This is the number that was allocated to the customer when the account was opened.

3 Statement date

The date on which the statement was generated. Statements are generated two days after the last day of the customer’s billing period.

4 Statement period

The month that the billing on the statement is for. The month in which the billing occurs usually indicates the customer’s individual billing month. The From date is usually the day when a new billing period starts. The To date is the date when the billing period ends.

5 Opening balance

The financial state of the account at the beginning of the account.

6 Description

This is the transaction type performed by either the customer or MultiChoice. 

7 Smartcard number

This is the number found on the smartcard that’s inserted in the decoder. The smartcard is paired with the decoder that it’s inserted into.

8 What is the Access Fee for?

The Access Fee gives you more than one viewing environment without having to pay additional subscriptions. It’s also flexible enough to cater for the unique needs of your household.

9 Reconnection fee

The amount payable when disconnected services are reactivated. This disconnection is due to non-payment.

10 DStv Premium subscription

The package that the customer is viewing. There are other packages that a customer can view.

11 Manual adjustment

A transaction processed by MultiChoice on the customer’s account to either correct or compensate the customer account.

12 Reversal

A reversal refers to an amount credited into the customer’s account. This can be for various reasons, eg payment reversal.

13 Payment

Refers to the amount the customer has paid for various subscriptions, eg crediting the BoxOffice account.

14 Closing balance

Financial state of account at the end of the billing period.

15 Our banking details

MultiChoice’s banking details where payments can be made. For other methods of payment please click here.

16 Our contact details

MultiChoice’s contact information.