Catch Up

Catch Up is a selection of shows from the channels on your package that you can watch on demand and is available to all subscribers.

Content includes episodes of some of the latest series, box sets, movies, sporting highlights, kids’ stuff and more, with content being added after it has been broadcast on the live TV channels. The period for which content is available varies depending on our licensing agreements but can be anywhere from a few days to a few months. 

You can watch Catch Up on selected PVRs and also online (either on our website or using our DStv app).

The content you can watch on Catch Up is linked to the channels on the package you subscribe to.

It will depend on the agreements with our content providers and can be a few days to a few months after first broadcast.

Catch Up is available to all our active subscribers.

Catch Up is only available on our PVRs as only these decoders have a hard drive which can store content. On older PVRs, about 20 hours of content is available (and only for our DStv Premium customers). On the DStv Exploras, over 175 hours is available.

We do not have rights to include all content on Catch Up. Remember, if you have a PVR and there is something you want to watch that is not on Catch Up, you can always record it and keep it on your Playlist to watch on demand at a time best suiting you.

The options made available to you are determined  by the licencing agreements we have with our content suppliers.

Our PVRs do not have enough hard drive space for all the Catch Up content available. 

With the exception of live or near live broadcasts which can take between 12-24 hours (like Idols, sport and Carte Blanche as example), we aim to add the shows to Catch Up within a few hours. 

No, Catch Up is available to all our subscribers. You can either stream online (via our website or using the DStv app). If you are using a PVR, there is an Access Fee when using features making use of the hard drive (which includes Catch Up).

You can download up to 25 at any one time. 

Yes, however Catch Up content for ADD movies is only available on the DStv Explora models.