Disney+ launched in South Africa on 18 May 2022 and is available to local DStv subscribers via the Explora Ultra decoder. DStv also has offers for their customers. Full info on our website.

MultiChoice customers can enjoy the financial benefits of exclusive contracts, bringing all their entertainment needs to one central place, rewards and also the opportunity to add their Disney+ to their DStv bill for convenience. The Explora Ultra decoder which already offers other streaming services now includes the Disney+ streaming service.

You can subscribe to Disney+ using our self service on WhatsApp (060 060 3788) or on the website (dstv.com). You can also get hold of us via the call centre, chat, Facebook and twitter.
To sign up to Disney+ on a contract, leave your details for us on WhatsApp or the website, or contact our teams and we’ll help you take up the correct contract for you.
Taking a Disney+ contract or adding it to your bill is not yet available on the MyDStv app.

No, Disney channels will still be available on our current DStv packages.

No, you can also subscribe directly with Disney+.

Yes, you can take up any Disney+ offer from DStv. Once you’ve done that, you need to contact Disney+ via email (help.disneyplus.com) to request a cancellation of your direct Disney+ subscription to avoid paying for two Disney+ subscriptions.

Yes, follow the add to bill steps on DStv self service (website or WhatsApp) and when complete, please contact Disney+ via email to request a cancellation of your direct Disney+ subscription to avoid paying for two subscriptions.

No, Disney+ will be available on a variety of supported devices, of which the Explora Ultra is one. The DStv Explora Ultra is the only decoder on which you can access and use Disney+.

No. Anyone with a valid Disney+ subscription can access and use Disney+ on the DStv Explora Ultra. Please note: an active DStv subscription and Access Fee is required to use the online features of the DStv Explora Ultra.

You can use any of the supported devices that Disney+ is available on, subject to their terms and conditions relating to the number of devices and number of concurrent viewers allowed at any one time.

Disney+ are responsible for technical support on their product. If you have any issues with the Disney+ app, please reach out to help.apps.disneyplus.com

If your payment to Disney+ is via DStv, please get in touch with us directly. If your payment is being made directly to Disney+, please go to help.disneyplus.com

You can add one Disney+ subscription to your DStv account.

Yes. Payment for Disney+ will however be due monthly.

No, there are no restrictions on how your DStv account is paid when adding Disney+ to your bill.

Please make sure that you are logging in with the mobile number used for subscription. If you are logged in with the correct mobile number and yet not getting access to Disney+ content and getting a nudge to subscribe, please reach out to Disney+ Support at help.apps.disneyplus.com

You can disconnect and reconnect Disney+ using DStv Self Service on our website.

To disconnect:

  • Login to DStv and go to MyDStv
  • Go to My products
  • Select the Disney+ card
  • Select the Disconnect button
  • Change the drop down for Disney+ to Yes to disconnect
  • Select a Disconnect date

Disney+ will be disconnected on the selected scheduled date.

To reconnect follow the same steps (the button now says reconnect).

You will need to cancel the Disney+ which is on your DStv bill (please contact DStv to assist with this). You’ll then need to take up Disney+ again by going to apps.disneyplus/com or disneyplus.com

Yes, your Disney+ subscription is linked to your payment date for your DStv package and will be disconnected on the same day.

Even though you can sign up for Disney+ and add it to your DStv Account at any time, your payment date for DStv and Disney+ will be aligned to fall on the same day.