DStv Indian Migration

We’re making changes to DStv Indian from 1 April.

At the moment, you only subscribe to DStv Indian (at R395pm) – we refer to this as a standalone package.

As of the 1st April, we will no longer offer DStv Indian as a standalone package, but will instead offer it as an ‘add-on’. This means that customers who want to subscribe to DStv Indian, will first need to subscribe to one of our main packages (DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Family or Access) and then ‘add-on’ DStv Indian.

To make things easier for you, we’ll automatically do that for you, and from 1st April, will switch you to DStv Access PLUS your add-on for DStv Indian. The switch will happen on your payment date, on or after, the 1st April. The updated monthly cost for this is R375 = R115 (DStv Access) + R260 (ADD Indian). And yes, great news – that’s LESS than you are paying at the moment.

There are no changes to your monthly payment date, the channels you enjoy or how you use your services.

As DStv we are constantly looking at our content line up and channel selection to give you fresher content, more often and at good value. So, all existing DStv Indian standalone customers will be moved to DStv Access with over 55 channels for the whole family to enjoy, from sports to kids’ channels and reality shows.

Customers that are currently disconnected on the DStv Indian package, also have an option to reconnect to DStv Access and take up DStv Indian as an add-on package.

There is absolutely nothing you need to do on the 1st April. The change will be done automatically to ensure a hassle-free update for you. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your favourite TV shows.

All customers that currently subscribed to the DStv Indian standalone product. This includes both monthly and annual subscribers.

If you get disconnected while on the standalone product, you will not be able to reconnect to the same product after the 1st of April. You would need to reconnect to DStv Access (R115) and add the DStv Indian (R260) add-on package. You can use any of the Self Service platforms to reconnect and choose your add-on.

You can use any of the normal ways to reconnect your package, including the MyDStv App, web or by clicking payat.io/dstv/ or WhatsApp “Hello” to 0600603788.

    • Login to MyDStv on our website or the MyDStv app (if you’re using your mobile phone). You need to be registered before you can do this, simply click on this link.
    • Select to Reconnect to DStv Access plus activate the DStv Indian add-on.
    • We’ll show you how much to pay.
    • Make paying easy by using any of our convenient options.

Simply contact us via email ([email protected]) or our call centre and our team will be able to help you.

All customers who are on the standalone package will be moved from the 1st April depending on your payment.

The DStv Indian is available on all packages, except for EasyView. Please note that the subscription fee is different for each package. Visit our website for a detailed view of the different packages.

If you would like to move to another package after migration, simply visit our self-service platforms, including the MyDStv App, web or WhatsApp (0600603788) and select the options to change packages.

If you were billed the subscription fee of R395 and you are migrated on the 1st of April, we will reverse the previous billing of R395 and bill you R375 in line with your billing period and the new price.

You will keep all your Value-Added Services as they will automatically be transferred over to the new package, provided that your account is active at the time of migration.

The great news is that you will still be eligible for DStv Rewards. If you are not a Rewards member, join now for Free on the MyDStv app or dstv.co.za to claim great rewards. Reward levels may be adjusted for existing members based on the primary package selected. See programme rules for details.

As an annual customer, you will be billed R4 125 (R375 x 11 months) for your new annual period. You do not pay for the 12th month because it’s still on us. This amount excludes Value-Added Services such as the Access Fee, BoxOffice, Showmax, Decoder Insurance, etc.