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Our aim is to provide our customers with the best in entertainment, at affordable prices. To make our service cost effective, we bundle DStv channels into packages so we can spread the costs across these. If we could offer customisable packages, your choice might not prove very popular so the expense would be spread across far fewer customers, thereby making it far more expensive.

Visit the Get DStv section  for more information or take a quick look at our Compare Packages to see what channels are available on each package.. 

You can see the list of available channels in our feature which allows you to compare channels

We understand that some customers find repeats frustrating. The main reason programmes are repeated is to give people a chance to see something they might have missed. Or to record on their PVRs a show they might have missed.

Different channels have different levels of repeats – a kids channel will repeat far more shows than a channel like M-Net. Different channels also cater for our customers on the different DStv packages – Premium customers will see content that they had access to a few months ago, repeated later on channels that are open to customers on other packages like DStv Compact.

Some channels also have programming block of six or eight hours. This means that the same block of programmes will repeat either four (for six hour blocks) or three (for eight hour blocks) times during the course of a day.

There is also a limit on how much new content is produced every year. A single channel broadcasting 24 hours a day needs 8760 hours of content a year. In comparison, Hollywood only makes about 600 new English-language movies every year, which equates to only about 1200 hours of movies. This means that there will always be older content that plays.

Having said that, there is a lot of new content available on a weekly basis – there are never-before-seen shows and movies that premiere every week. As this is spread across many channels (and customers tend to stick to their few favourite channels), we highly recommend to our customers to use the various tools we’ve made available to find out what is on.

Your decoder has an 8 day TV Guide (press TV GUIDE) and extensive search options (press SEARCH), including Movies A-Z, Live Sport and even a word search.

If you are using a DStv Explora, press the CATCH UP button and you’ll see recommendations and information on new shows, returning shows and also what’s hot at the moment.

Visit our website for news, recommendations and more.

Our DStv Now app also has a TV Guide and search options making it easy for you to find something to watch.

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There is an 8-day TV Guide available on your decoder (simply press the TV GUIDE button on your remote)

You can also view our handy 14-day TV Guide where you can add channels to your list of favourites and download your very own TV Guide Schedule

We’re committed to providing Hearing Impaired (HI) subtitles and where they are available and provided by the channel, they are played out. Please look for more info on the specific show or movie on the TV Guide on your decoder (older content often doesn’t carry HI subtitles).

Please check our channel information for the latest channels listing.

You can disconnect your DStv package by going to https://www.dstv.co.za/self-service/#my-products or use the DStv App or go to the DStv WhatsApp bot, then select the active decoder or service you would like to disconnect.