Oh Snack! You could be the face of DStv on YouTube

Are you the snack that bites back? DStv is looking for presenters who have flair and snap for a fresh YouTube show that’s all about TV. Find out how to enter now…

DStv is hungry for a snack. We’re looking for two fresh faces to host a brand new show on our YouTube channel.

The winners will introduce viewers to the hottest upcoming shows of the week. The name of the show: #OhSnack. Hmm, give us some of that!

Who you are

  • You’re aged between 19 and 24.
  • You’re based in Johannesburg or willing to relocate.
  • You know what's what, aren't afraid to give it a Ncah or Nah Ah and to let your ride-or-dies know what their next big show should be - because you are the content plug!

How to enter

  • First, note that the competition runs 20 April - 12 May. You need to enter in this time frame to be considered.
  • Now, record a video of yourself chatting about a DStv show that’s currently on air.
  • Have fun, tell us whether it’s Ncah or Nah! Your review should give us “you and your views” in your style.
  • Get specific and give us the good bits, as well as the bits you don’t get in the current storylines. Tell us why you’re crazy about 1 character, say why another isn’t your cup of tea (if you feel that way), or love it with your whole heart, but always tell us why.
  • You can record anything between 2 and 5 minutes.
  • Upload the recording to your YouTube channel with the hashtag #OhSnack.
  • If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you can set one up and this video will be your first post, no worries.
  • Submit a link to this audition video on your YouTube account, along with your name, surname, full contact details (your contact number and email address) below by 12 May 2021.
  • You may only submit 1 entry to this audition, but if you have other reviews on your channel, DStv might take a peek.

Hints and tips

  • You can record using anything – your phone, a laptop or a professional camera. Your camera won’t affect the judging, we just want to see your personality shine.
  • Outline what you want to say for your start and finish and use keywords to remind yourself of the points you want to hit, but leave yourself room to improvise.
  • Find somewhere quiet to record. Record some rough tests and check the playback to make sure that there isn’t an echo or background electrical or traffic noise.
  • Shoot during the daytime in a place that has flattering natural light (but not full sunshine)
  • Make your recording in landscape view.
  • Face forward and look directly into the camera.
  • Record your segment mostly in English, but feel free to do what comes naturally if there are phrases in your own language that you’d use when talking to a friend.
  • Keep it clean. Kids, grannies and grandads are watching, too. And the DStv channel is a safe space, so be kind.

What happens next

  • DStv will watch everyone’s entries and set up a shortlist.
  • If you’re chosen, DStv will reach out to you using the contact details that you have given with your entry, and invite you to come in for an in-studio audition.
  • During this in-studio audition, we’ll be looking at how comfortable you are with the camera, and your unique vibe.
  • A further shortlist will be created, and we’ll then test entrants together to see what your natural chemistry is like.
  • If you win the role, DStv will let you know – but you’ll have to keep it a top secret.
  • You will need to sign a contract, which will include a Social Media Code of Conduct, if you win the role.
  • The identity of the winners will be revealed during the first episode of #OhSnack on DStv's YouTube channel.
  • As a winner, you will need to promote the show on all your social media accounts.

#OhSnack The doccie

A mini-behind-the-scenes documentary will be filmed during the audition phases. So whether or not you win, if you make the shortlist for auditions, you could be a part of the story.

Keep an eye on this webpage to watch the behind-the-scenes shots and learn more about our new #OhSnack presenters once they're chosen.

How #OhSnack will be filmed

  • The two OhSnack presenters will need to come to a studio in Randburg once a week to record segments about new TV shows on DStv.
  • You’ll be given access to DStv content to watch in advance to prepare for the day.
  • Shooting schedules may vary, but it will take roughly a day to film each episode.
  • Your shoot could include anything from Top 10 lists, to last-minute interviews with some of our hottest local stars, so you’ll need to keep on your TV toes.

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