DStv SD Single View

Set up your Favourite Channels with the DStv SD Single View Decoder

The DStv SD Single View Decoder (1110/1131/1132) lets you watch your favourite channels with digital picture quality. It's compact and stylish design also fits neatly into your home. And it's XtraView capable.

  • Plan your viewing with the eight-day TV guide
  • Easily find something to watch with the great search options
  • Set reminders for your favourite shows
  • Control what your kids can watch with Parental Control
  • Set up your Favourite Channels (no more surfing across all channels when looking for your favourite one)
  • Link your Single View SD decoder to another XtraView capable decoder to get access to two different channels in your home at the same time
DStv Single View SD

DStv SD Single View FAQs

The “Searching for Signal” error is normally due to an installation issue. It could be that the dish has been moved by the wind (and it’s no longer in the correct position to get signal for all our channels) or it could also be damage to cabling.

Please note that it is possible to have no signal on some channels while having full signal on others and break up of picture on other channels.

First, switch off the decoder.

Then check that the cable that comes from the satellite dish is tightly connected to the correct input on the back of the decoder.

Then switch the decoder on again.

If the “Searching for Signal” error continues, we recommend bringing your decoder to one of our Service Centres or Agencies for testing. If the decoder works when we test it, that will confirm that your installation is faulty and you will need to contact one of our DStv Accredited Installers to check your installation. There is no cost to test your decoder.

  • Check that the time isn't showing on the front panel of the decoder. If it is, it means that the decoder is in standby. To solve this, press the POWER button on your DStv Remote.
  • Check that the TV is on the correct channel or on the correct AV mode. To do this, press the TV/AV or TV/VIDEO or FUNCTION or SOURCE button on the TV Remote.
  • If there is any other device connected to your set-up (other than a TV and Decoder) e.g. VCR or DVD, please ensure that device is ON and on the correct channel or Mode.