HD PVR (2 Tuner)

HD PVR (2 Tuner)

You can manually update your software on the DStv HD PVR (2P, 2U and 4P) by doing the following:

Menu > Advanced Options > DSD Upgrade > “Red button”

Once your decoder software is up-to-date you can reboot your decoder and allow it 15 minutes to pick up any changes.

Enjoy the benefits of being able to get HD quality channels, record, rewind and pause what you are watching.

Get the great benefits of DStv Catch Up if you are a Premium customer with PVR subscription.

If you are a DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus or DStv Premium customer you also get access to BoxOffice on your HD PVR.

  • View one programme while recording another
  • Fast forward recorded content
  • Pause live TV
  • Slow motion
  • Rewind live TV
  • Catch Up
  • BoxOffice
  • Series Recording
  • XtraView Capability

The Access Fee gives you an additional viewing environment without having to pay an extra subscription, and so saves you money.

This additional environment can be through another decoder connected in XtraView or through the recording capacity on your decoder.