My DStv Hardware

My DStv Hardware

The DStv Explora has a daily maintenance slot and will download the software when it is next switched on again. The downloading of new software takes approximately 10 minutes.

While repeats can be irritating, they’re definitely useful when you have no power and can’t watch or record your favourite shows.

If you’re a DStv Premium customer with an active PVR, you can access DStv Now from your smartphone or your tablet. DStv Premium customers also get a free DStv Mobile subscription as part of their package. Download the App for iOS or Android.

If you’re not a DStv Premium customer, you can still subscribe to our DStv Mobile service for just R49 a month. Thanks to our innovative Walka or a Drifta products, you can stay tuned even when the power is out.

You can manually update your software on the DStv HD PVR (2P, 2U and 4P) by doing the following:

Menu > Advanced Options > DSD Upgrade > “Red button”

Once your decoder software is up-to-date you can reboot your decoder and allow it 15 minutes to pick up any changes.