DStv Catch Up

DStv Catch Up gives customers the ability to "catch up" on a selection of great content available from across their DStv channels, ranging from series to movies, kids' shows, documentaries, and selected sporting highlights.

The content available to each customer is dependent on the package that they subscribe to. DStv Catch Up is available on PVRs (to selected customers) and also via DStv Now to all our customers.

Depending on the usage rights granted to us by the studios and content producers, DStv Catch Up content can be made available by means of streaming online and via the App, or through downloads on to smart phones and tablets, via the App.

Content is typically available between 7 and 28 days from date of first broadcast. This availability varies, depending on the usage rights granted to us by the studios and content providers.

Due to strict copyright requirements, we currently cannot offer the ability to copy shows to any of external devices.

All shows are generally available within 24 hours but it does differ based on the type of content, Here's a general guideline:

  • Express from the US: available immediately after the 1st broadcast on DStv
  • Other series: available within 24 hours
  • Live or near-live local shows such as Carte Blanche: available within 12 hours
  • Movies: selected movies only, immediately available after the 1st broadcast on DStv
  • Kids: Nickelodeon shows immediate after 1st broadcast, all other shows at the start of the month for the full month
  • Sport highlights: available within 4 hours from end of event
  • Sport programmes: available within 24 hours

MultiChoice only has the rights to make content available on DStv Now within the borders of the African continent and adjacent islands, which is why streaming on DStv Now is not available outside of these borders. If you download a Catch Up title on the app prior to leaving, you will be able to watch that on your device while travelling.

You can download shows on our DStv Now app when you have an internet connection and watch them later, when you are offline.