Remote Recording

Remote recording is a feature on the TV Guide that enables customers with an internet connected Explora to set recordings from their PC or mobile device to their Explora at home. Customers must have an active subscription and be paying the Access Fee to use this feature.

Yes. Once you have connected your DStv Explora to the internet, please follow these steps:

  • Press the blue DStv button on your remote
  • Select User Preferences
  • Select Connected Services
  • Press the LEFT or RIGHT button to switch on Remote Recordings
  • Press BACK to save your settings

When you have met the above criteria, you will see a round red recording button upon clicking on a programme. Clicking on it will trigger the recording.

Yes, the recording will start at the point you set the remote recording. You will not get a full episode recording.

Series recordings can only be set on the decoder. When setting a remote recording (online at dstv.com or via DStv Now), you are only able to schedule a once-off recording for the selected programme. Remember, all remote recordings take priority and conflicting recordings will be cancelled (and automatically rescheduled where possible).

No, we are only able to confirm if the recording was successfully scheduled.

No, only one programme can be recorded per time slot. If you attempt to record another programme your decoder will automatically override the first recording in favour of the second one. This message will be displayed: "Your decoder resolved a conflict and scheduled your recording successfully".

Note: Your decoder will look for another airing of your original recording and if it exists will set a recording for it.

Other remote recording messages:

If you attempt to record an event that is already recording:
"A recording for this programme has already been scheduled"

If your recording was interrupted:
"An error occurred, please try again"