10 secrets from the set of Raven’s Home

We catch up with the cast to discover the inside scoop on everything from pranks and paintings to props and parties!

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1. There were tears on set before the cameras started to roll

Raven-Symoné – who plays Raven Baxter in Raven’s Home – reveals: “I definitely had a tear in my eye when I walked on to the set of Raven’s Home for the very first time. It was really emotional because I was really happy to be working with Disney Channel again. It’s been 10 years since That’s So Raven finished, but this is a whole new show and it’s exciting to be back. The first time I walked on to the set, the sets were not finished. They were still in construction, so I could smell the fresh wood being cut and I reminisced to back when I was younger. It was a pleasure to be knowing that I was going to be working on a Disney stage again. It was awesome.”

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2. Raven-Symoné is full of great advice

Issac Ryan Brown – who plays Booker in the show – admits: “I am having the time of my life on Raven’s Home. It’s so much fun to be on a show like this, but I also love the fact that I’m learning loads. Raven is full of amazing advice. She tells us not to take our phones on set and she teaches us about the proper etiquette when you’re at work on a show like Raven’s Home. She’s taught us never to wear open-toed shoes on set because something might fall on your feet and you could get hurt. She tells us to keep our shoes tied properly; she even taught me a special knot! She's always full of great acting advice and she always knows what to do. She’s had such an amazing career, so it’s great to learn from the best.”

3. Raven’s Home is filmed in front of a live studio audience

Anneliese van der Pol – who plays Chelsea in Raven’s Home – explains: “I love performing in front of live audiences. For somebody like me, who started in theatre and still does a lot of live theatre, it’s a joy to work on a show that’s taped in front of a live studio audience. I absolutely love it. Nothing is better than getting a live laugh! When you work on a show that’s not recorded in front of an audience, it’s hard to tell what’s funny – but a live audience will give you immediate feedback with their laughter and their giggles. After every show, it’s really gratifying to sign autographs for the audience. We hang around to speak to the audience and find out what they liked about the show. It’s great.”

4. Sky Katz is the biggest prankster on the set of the show!

“We have lots of fun filming Raven’s Home,” chuckles Issac. “Sky Katz – who plays next-door-neighbour Tess in the show – is the biggest prankster on the set. One time, she asked me to look down into a bottle of water to see a coin underneath – but then she tried to squirt the water in my face. It was really funny! She does a bunch of pranks, but that’s one I managed to avoid. There’s something about her rapper aura that makes her the biggest prankster. She’s hilarious.”

5. The show is set in Chicago, but it’s shot in a whole different city

“In the show, Raven and Chelsea are raising their kids in Chicago – but the cast film the action on a studio set in Hollywood, California” admits Anneliese. “In LA, you’d have to drive your kids to school and the weather stays the same all year round. In Chicago, it’s different, so we get to show a lot of different stories by setting the show there.”

6. Raven-Symoné would love to shoot a fully musical episode

Raven’s Home star Raven-Symoné is well known for her musical skills. She sang the theme tune for That’s So Raven and has released a number of albums. “I also sing the theme tune for Raven’s Home, which is exciting,” reveals the actress and singer. “I’d love to do a fully musical episode in the future. Wouldn’t that be cool? We did it on That’s So Raven, so it would be great to do it with Raven’s Home.”

7. There’s a bizarre animal appearance in an upcoming episode

“There are lots of crazy, funny stories in Raven’s Home,” explains Issac. “There’s a fun Halloween episode where lots of the cast dressed up in costumes. There’s an episode with a clown. There’s even an episode that features a gorilla! The gorilla episode is really cool. It’s about overcoming your fears for the good of everyone else.”

8. See if you can spot Raven’s art in the show

Raven-Symoné is a whizz at art, which is why some of her paintings are hanging up on the set of Raven’s Home. “I’m going to call them Secret Ravens,” reveals the actress. “I’m not going to tell you which of the paintings are mine, but they are definitely in the show. If you follow me on Instagram, they’ve been posted before, so you might be able to work it out – but I also did some artwork on clothing, which will turn up in season one.” Keep your peepers peeled, gang!

9. The cast play games when the cameras stop rolling

“I really love the set of Raven’s Home,” admits Issac. “In total, I think there are nine sets and each one is filled with props and fun things. The studio is huge and it’s very, very cool. When we’re not working, we often play hide and seek. My favourite place to hide is inside a little tower on the rooftop set. That’s usually where I run and hide, but don’t tell everyone… It’s a secret!”

10. There was an epic party to celebrate the end of Season 1

“When we finished filming season one of Raven’s Home, we celebrated with a party,” explains Jason Maybaum, who plays Levi in the show. “We went to a karaoke place near the set and we all took turns at singing. It was so much fun! I sang It’s Tricky by Run DMC and Raven sang the Take Me To Church song by Hozier. She’s a really good singer. We had a blast!”

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