14 New series on Showmax

Plan your November viewing with these sizzling new series - exclusive to Showmax!

What to watch this November:

November's heating up on Showmax with so many new series that there's something for everyone! From brand-new weekly episodes of local and international series that come express to Showmax, to the latest seasons of fan-favourites and a number of fresh new additions.

International series

1. Mr Robot S3

Things are ready to explode as Phase 2 closes in, Elliot's multiple personalities grow stronger and nobody can trust anyone in this brilliant cat and mouse game.

Planned release date: 2 November

2. MTV Shuga S1-5

South Africa provides the perfect backdrop for this ensnaring drama about young people in the country and the real problems they face on the road to a better future.

Planned release date: 2 November

3. Magic City S1 - S2

In 1959, politics, crime and power converged in Miami. And the place to be was the Miramar Playa Hotel, a den of schemes, dreams and danger.

Planned release date: 6 November

4. Victoria

Queen Victoria was one of the most formidable monarchs in history. But as this drama shows, when she first became regent as a young woman, not everyone wanted her to succeed...

Planned release date: 6 November

5. South Park S21

Political correctness creeps into the town of South Park, turning everything on its head. But the kids are ready to fight back in this long-running and hilarious animated series.

Planned release date: 9 November

6. Superstore S2

Attention all Superstore fans! There's a new season of the hilarious workplace comedy to enjoy as the motley crew of the Cloud 9 department store returns.

Planned release date: 9 November

7. Code Black S1

At LA County Hospital you either pray for a miracle or you perform one in this heart-stopping and gripping medical drama. When it's Code Black, all bets are off.

Planned release date: 13 November

8. Teen Wolf S6

The teens are back at Beacon Hills High and getting closer to graduation. But strange ghostly horsemen and other ghouls have different plans in this exciting new season.

Planned release date: 20 November

9.Odd Mom Out S1

Jill Weber is an odd mom already. Then she marries into a rich family, making her oddness stand out even more among the snobs - and thank goodness for it!

Planned release date: 30 November

Local series

1. Waterfront S1

In this exclusive kykNETand Showmax show three sisters return to Cape Town and their family business of building yachts. This drama series is full of scandal, intrigue and romance!

New episodes land every Wednesday.

2.Boer Soek n Vrou S10

In the 10th season of this hit reality show, Minki van der Westhuizen returns to help 10 farmers find lasting love.

New episodes every Friday.

3. Getroud Met Rugby S1

From rugby drama to rugby soapie, this popular series reveals what life is like for the family and wives of elite rugby players. Expect love, drama, dreams and tears.

Planned release date: 2 November

4 Diski Divas S1 - 2

The wives, girlfriends and exes of Mzansi's soccer stars get together for more scandal, gossip, challenges and fun in the sun. Don't miss this reality TV gem!

Planned release date: 9 November

5. Sterlopers S2

Fame and fortune await those who reach for it. But the world of entertainment is full of backstabbing and betrayal in this fast-paced drama about the lives of media dreamers.

Planned release date: 20 November