4 new series for kids to watch and learn!

These fun DStv shows will not just entertain your little ones, they’ll teach them life lessons at the same time.

It’s always fun to watch the kids enthralled and entertained by the shows they watch on DStv – but it’s also good to know they’re learning while doing so.

Robocar Poli

The Robocar Poli of Broomstown is always on call, keeping the people who live in the village safe. With transforming cars, this series teaches your little ones some important lessons and also points out that the police, fire, and rescue are good people who just want to help others.

Starts Wednesday, 11 April on JimJam (310) at 09:00

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends II

Chuck and his friends push the limits of their imagination and what they can build and do
with great adventures, which always end with a lesson learned and the kid trucks totally covered in mud!

Starts Wednesday, 11 April on JimJam (310) at 09:35

101 Dalmatian Street

Meet a whole new family of Dalmatians! These are the descendants of the original Disney Dalmatians and are just as fun. These clever dogs live in their own mansion, go to work and have experiences just like humans – they even head to the “Pet Shop” to look for a suitable human pet, but later they realise that it is perhaps too big a responsibility. Dylan sees spoiled diva Clarissa Corgi’s human waiting on her hand and paw – and starts to think it might not be a good thing.

Starts Thursday, 11 April on Disney Channel (303) at 16:00

The Wild Thornberrys

The adventures of the nomadic family, the Thornberrys, continue with the focus on youngest daughter Eliza’s secret gift to communicate with animals. Debbie, Eliza and Darwin encounter a deadly tiger shark, while Eliza gets to meet her hero, Dr Jane Goodall. Look out for the great educational focus on conservation and respecting the world around us.

Starts Monday, 15 April on NickToons (308) at 05:05