5 brand-new documentaries just in time for Women’s Month

In celebration of Women’s Month, a brand new documentary series focuses on remarkable women in history, plus four brand-new insightful series on DStv.

Extraordinary Women 

This series lets us into the lives of some of the most extraordinary women of our time. The first episode focuses on Austrian-born Hedy Lamarr, known as the most beautiful (and controversial) woman in film. Yet, one aspect of her life remained largely secret – she was an inventor who created a secret communication system for allied submarines to guide torpedoes more accurately. It’s also thanks to her that we can send texts and surf the Internet. Look out for Extraordinary Women on HISTORY (186).

Hunting JonBenét's Killer: The Untold Story

Elizabeth Vargas takes a fresh look at the most notorious cold-case murder in American history. JonBenét Ramsey was just six years old when her body was found in her Colorado home in December 1996. Her killer has never been found, despite many suspects being interviewed. Now, fresh DNA tests and new leads might cast new light on the matter. Watch the mystery unfold on Crime + Investigation (170).

Who Killed Garrett Phillips? 

In 2011, the murder of 12-year-old Garrett Phillips rocked a small New York town. This documentary examines the case and the inefficiencies of the DA and police that nearly led to a terrible miscarriage of justice. Stream this shocking documentary on Showmax. 

Dodo Heroes S1 

For animal lovers everywhere, this family series features inspiring stories of animals in dire need from around the world – and the people who help them. This episode sees Derrick Campana fit Jabu, an elephant with a life-threatening injury, with the world's first elephant orthotic leg brace, in the hope it will save his life. Feel the love for our animal friends on Discovery Family (136).

The Story of the Royals 

This compelling miniseries provides royal watchers a comprehensive look at the most pivotal moments in the British monarchy’s turbulent history, right up to the most recent births and marriages. Featuring a host of acquaintances, former staff and royal experts, the series examines the world’s fascination with everything royal, as well as the Windsor’s modernisation and transformation as a 21st-century monarchy. Sip tea and watch royalty on HISTORY (186).

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