5 fantastic doccies on DStv this week

Start July on a high note. A perilous excursion to the summit of Everest, the fascinating lives of two musical legends and riveting local true crime this week on DStv.

Prince: Kiss the Rain

Few artists are as prolific as Prince. The king of self-transformation, Prince made his mark on an entire generation. He redefined popular music and reshaped the music industry. But the enigma of Prince held many untold secrets – join us for this in-depth look at his incredible career and get closer to the artist with dramatic re-enactments of his life.

This is the last of History’s music documentaries, but all can be watched on DStv Now.

Sunday 7 July on History (186) at 19:20

Extreme Everest with Ant Middleton S1

Extreme adventurer and former soldier Ant Middleton embarks upon an adventure which sees him get trapped in an unexpected life-threatening storm as he attempts to climb Mount Everest. Don’t miss Ant’s journey as he seeks to understand the attraction of such a popular yet unquestionably dangerous challenge.

Throughout his mission, Ant is inspired by the collective spirit and teamwork which characterises Everest Base Camp. He also meets climbers whose outlooks on life have been transformed by pushing beyond their physical and psychological limits.

Starts on Thursday 11 July on BBC Earth (184) at 20:00

Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don’t Know Me on Showmax

Raised in the conservative America of the 1960s, Teddy Pendergrass rose to the top to smash records and record a string of hits. This is the story of his success, despite obstacles including a life-changing accident.

Stream it now on Showmax. 

Crimes Uncovered SA S1

The grim and gripping retellings of infamous South African murder cases in this new docu-drama series will have true crime buffs glued to the screen as they delve into the events surrounding the tragedies to reveal what truly happened. The vicious double abduction and execution of up-and-coming actor Brett Goldin and his friend Richard Bloom stunned Cape Town and is the first case under the microscope.

Starts Monday 8 July on Crime + Investigation (170) at 20:00

Jupiter Revealed

Five years after its launch, Nasa's spacecraft Juno has entered Jupiter's orbit and is making remarkable discoveries. This film follows Juno's mission and finally uncovers some of the planet's hidden secrets.

Sunday 7 July on BBC Earth (184) at 19.00