5 of South Africa’s favourite TV moms

Whether they’re the heroes of the day or the worst villains on our TV screens, the moms on our favourite local series show their love in all kinds of ways.

When push comes to shove, some mothers will – literally – do anything to protect their kids. They prove that nothing in nature is as lethal as a mother’s wrath, and yet at the same time, the warm and tender loving care of these matriarchs remains unmatched.

Killer instincts

From the moment we met Harriet Khoza in The Queen, it was clear that getting on her bad side would not be a wise choice. Her late husband and his mistress can attest to that. Poverty has taught Harriet that to fight for survival – and she’s determined that her children will never experience the kind of upbringing she had. The abandonment she experienced as a child has fostered in her a commitment never to part from her kids, even in their adulthood. No matter how controlling and involved she is in her children’s lives, Kea and Kagiso can rest easy knowing that mama will be there when it matters the most. Oh, and she’s a brilliant marksman – a trait that comes in handy when you dabble in the narcotics business – so you’d want to think very carefully before messing with her kids.

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Of course, just when Harriet thought she was the only drug queen in her neck of the woods, along came Gracious Mabuza, mother to Goodness and Gift Mabuza. Gracious would probably quote scripture to you while she has her gun pointed between your eyes. She’s like a cross between Pablo Escobar and Mother Teressa – happy to orchestrate the permanent “disappearance” of a whole family on the same day she makes a generous donation to a shelter for abused women and children. Whether you think she’s gracious or not, this mother hen’s love for her children knows no bounds. Just ask the man who raped Goodness … if you can find him.

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Moms from hell

Some mothers are guardian angels, and some are the devil himself. Let’s just say the apple really didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the mothers in The Herd. Mam’Ngandi became the heartless monster who would take her own son’s life because of her own mother, Mamthembu, the sharp-tongued warlock who never gave her any motherly love.

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Naïve Dumazile hopes to try to break the generational curse with her unborn child and give Mam’Ngandi a chance to fix the strained relationship with her children through her grandchild. All moms deserve a second chance, right? … Ok, maybe not all.

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Queen mother

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. So said Shakespeare’s King Henry IV, and it could also apply to The Throne’s Queen Mosadi of the Bakweneng Kingdom. It’s not easy being a woman on the throne, particularly when her authority is constantly being undermined by those closest to her. Despite this, Mosadi knows that her crown means she’s not only mother to her daughter, Princess Kefilwe, but to the entire kingdom. She knows how to find just the right mix of tough and soft – Goldilocks could have learnt a lot from her.

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The strength of a mother

A strong support structure is what the mothers on reality show Widowed need to get through the heart-breaking ordeal of losing their spouses. Raising children is hard enough with two parents around, but when the father passes away, these mothers often find themselves parenting from guilt, and recount that it can be a slippery slope with unwanted consequences. How do they hold it together? Through the unwavering support of family and friends.

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It takes a village

Arendsvlei’s Cupido Family has run the semi-private school on the Cape Flats for decades. Not only do the two Cupido siblings who teach at the school shape the young minds so vulnerable to violence in their community, they often have to be surrogate parents to their students too. Frequently spending more time with the youngsters than their own parents do, these devoted teachers must provide discipline, support and guidance to their students throughout the day. That’s pretty much the definition of motherhood, and a reminder that raising strong young people is the work of the whole community.

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