5 things we can learn from Gomora

Mzansi Magic’s (DStv channel 161) hottest new telenovela can school you in a thing or two about life.

Gomora stole the hearts of the people of Mzansi right from the very first episode. The story of the ultra-rich Thathi’s fall from grace and her reconnection with her roots was a theme that got everyone talking. Although Gomora will be on a bit of a break, there are definitely some things we still need to talk about. The lessons we have come to learn, and the ones Thathi will probably wish she had.

1. Corruption doesn’t pay

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, and one that Thathi and her late husband Mbongeni had to learn the hard way. In fact, his grand larceny and pillaging of people’s savings led to their demise. Thathi’s entire luxurious life, a team of house helpers and vacations at the Hanging Gardens of Bali were financed by her husband’s theft and her house of cards came crumbling down, while Mbongeni … well, Mbongeni went six feet under.

2. The enemy is always closer than you think

Oh, Thathi has no idea how close those who caused her unmeasurable pain are to her. If only she could take a step back and analyse the sequence of events that snowballed from the fateful night in which her husband died in an accident, she would notice that there’s been one puppet master moving the strings and playing God with people’s lives. That puppet master happens to be her own mother.

3. Trust your instincts

She’s always known that the hijackers and her husband’s killers are right there in Alex. At first, Thathi had no proof to back this up, but as time went by the pieces came together – the maroon Cressida, the distinct laughter of the driver, and that one nagging voice in her head that says “the truth lies in Gomora, the place where it all began”.

4. Friends are not always forever

The queen bee lost her sting the day she confided in her clique of rich housewives about her current state of affairs. Thathi was naïve enough to think that her girlfriends would come to her rescue when she lost everything, not realising that her supposed regal status meant nothing now that her prestige has been wiped out. Imagine the horror of being associated with a person whose assets have been liquidated and who has to relocate her kids to a public school? And she had to sell her limited-edition Dior handbag. That was it! Her pals, the haves, just couldn’t be seen fraternising with the have-nots, and Thathi is the latter.

5. Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing

We’ve also come face to face with the sad truth about alcohol addiction and the debilitating hold it can have on a person. Zodwa, Teddy’s mother, is a degenerate drunk who drank herself into an alcoholic stupor everyday while pregnant with Teddy, which resulted in Teddy being rather slow (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and not performing well at school. He’s not the sharpest tool in the box and his self-confidence is low, but his mum Zodwa has always believed that the solution to her life’s problems can be found at the bottom of a bottle. Gladys finally convinces Zodwa to go to rehab and address the root of her problems and to stop feeling ashamed. Gladys also shed some light on the addictive disease, telling Zodwa that it does not discriminate, whether you’re in Gomora or the high-walled mansions of Sandton.

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