HONEY (DStv 173)
HONEY (DStv 173)

5 TV shows you can’t miss on new Pan-African lifestyle channel, HONEY

Viewers can look forward to 15 brand-new TV shows focusing on the very best of African food, fashion, weddings and more. Watch it all on DStv channel 173.

With the launch of the Pan-African lifestyle channel HONEY (DStv channel 173) on Monday 15 February 2021, viewers can look forward to 15 brand-new TV shows focusing on the very best of African food, fashion, weddings and more.

The channel, which is broadcast across the African continent, offers a wide range of unscripted shows by African producers and performers. If you’ve been waiting for reality TV that showcases the lives and loves of all Africans, HONEY is bound to become your next go-to channel.

“We’re working with producers across the continent to ensure the lifestyle stories we tell are real and relevant,” says Zinzi Velelo, HONEY’s head of content. “Our goal is to showcase the characters, talent and dynamics of everyday African life as never before.”

HONEY’s shows are made in collaboration with African producers and talent from countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. They offer unscripted, reality-based TV entertainment with a distinctly Pan-African flavour.

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Here are six HONEY shows that you simply can’t miss:

1. The Buzz

HONEY’s flagship talk show features a panel of five women from across the African continent including renowned queen of talk Anele Mdoda. They will share their views and advice on relatable issues facing ordinary people. At the start of each episode the panel is presented with a letter outlining a viewer’s dilemma – be it about romance, health, their hustle or family and friends – and then our panel of agony aunts must give their hot takes on the topic at hand.

2. The Next Big Trender

HONEY is on the hunt for Africa’s hottest celebrity. Six of Africa’s hottest new influencers who dream of becoming reality TV stars go all out to win a gig as a star of a HONEY show. The six women all represent different African countries and, in the course of 10 episodes, will invite viewers into their worlds. Three of the continent’s most critical media personalities will then judge the footage and score the hopefuls on a leader board. The winner will be crowned as a new HONEY star.

3. Wawu, That’s My Dress

Viewers are invited to an exclusive Nigerian bridal boutique where brides-to-be swing by to find the perfect dress for their wedding day. With the help of the boutique’s sales teams, brides will try on several wedding gowns in the hopes of finding the dress of their dreams.

4. OPW: The Remix

Viewers have the chance to revisit the popular show, Our Perfect Wedding, in a fresh, new way. The show has been re-edited to explore a different theme in each episode. From the bridezillas to the catering dilemmas, no detail will be spared.

5. Hoot, Cook, Go

If you’re a fan of cooking competitions, HONEY’s fast-paced Hoot, Cook, Go is for you. In each episode, three teams treat one other to a home-cooked meal. Each team is given an hour to host a dinner party celebrating Africa’s vibrant food culture from the comfort of their own homes. But when they hear the hooter of the Hoot, Cook, Go taxi, it’s time to put the forks down and move on to the next team’s house. The best meal, as judged and scored by the teams themselves, takes the prize.

6. Making the Menu

In each episode of Making the Menu, it’s time for a cook-off between two Kenyan food bloggers who want to see their signature dishes make it on to the menu of a restaurant. The contestants visit a much-loved local restaurant where they are tasked with creating a bespoke meal worthy of a nod from the restaurateur. They explore some of Nairobi’s cultural and tourist attractions to find inspiration for their dishes.

Check out the TV guide here to see which shows air at which times.

HONEY (DStv channel 173) is broadcast in all African countries and is available on DStv’s Premium, Compact Plus and Compact packages. To upgrade your package or to get DStv, click here.

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