6 documentaries you won’t want to miss

Get your facts straight with these in-depth documentaries, tackling everything from the Rwandan genocide to crimes of passion.

Time to enjoy some documentaries

As We Forgive

One of the world’s most brutal and shocking cases of genocide took place in Rwanda from April to July in 1994, during which over a million Tutsi, Twa, and moderate Hutu Rwandans were slaughtered at the hands of the Hutu-led government at the time. As We Forgive tells the story about Rosaria and Chantal – two Rwandan women who come face to face with the perpetrators who murdered their families in 1994. As a nation still wracked with grief, Rwandans all over the country have to contend with the 50 000 genocide perpetrators who were eventually released back into the very communities they so cruelly destroyed.

Sunday 24 May on CuriosityStream (185) at 19:00

Natural World – Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers

It’s estimated 96% of the world’s wild tigers have disappeared since the turn of the 20th century, with fewer than 4 000 tigers left in the wild. In this one-hour special, a former Royal Marines commando and a mom-of-two camerawoman scale walls and go undercover to bring us the story of the cruel confinement and butchery of tigers bred for their parts in illegal tiger farms in South East Asia.

Sunday 24 May on BBC Earth (184) at 16:00


Stacey Dooley: Face to Face With Isis

Investigative journalist and filmmaker Stacey Dooley accompanies 23-year-old former Isis sex slave Shireen as she returns to where she was imprisoned by Isis in Mosul and later comes face to face with Isis in jail.

Tuesday 26 May on BBC Brit (120) at 22:15

X-Ray Earth S1

It’s a planet that has been ravaged and abused thanks to mankind’s greed and never-ending innovations that are both a blessing and a curse. And of course, National Geographic would not let a chance to go inside the Earth pass by. Using cutting-edge technology and scientific tools, the series shatters all the preconceived notions we’ve held and think we know about this place we call home – planet Earth. This sanctuary and cradle of civilisation has been the most debated topic among the world’s greatest thinkers like Galileo and Isaac Newton and even now, it has remained a majestic thing of beauty that lives on and provides life.

Wednesday 27 May on National Geographic (181) at 21:00


Sex, Lies & Murder S2B

In each episode of this true crime doccie, psychologists and psychiatrists will examine the motives of a woman who has turned deadly in order to please or keep a man. And there will be first-person interviews with those close to the incidents, including investigators and the victim’s family members. From teenagers who followed their boyfriends’ orders to kill, to mothers who wanted to prove their devotion to their new man, there is nothing these women wouldn’t do in the name of love.

Wednesday 27 May on Lifetime (131) at 21:55

Torn From the Headlines: New York Post Reports S1

Journalists at the New York Post offer viewers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the city’s most infamous crimes. In the season opener, the lifeless body of a beautiful young woman is found wrapped in a blanket in East New York. Police race against the clock to find her killer before he strikes again.

Thursday 28 May on Investigation Discovery (171) at 21:00

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