6 massive movies to watch this week

This week, The Avengers try to undo Thanos’ universal destruction and Bruce Willis comes to our screens guns blazing to save his neighbour.

It’s an adrenaline fuelled week with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Bruce Willis and Scarlett Johansson all popping up on our screens.

1. The Wrong Friend

When the wealthy Riley (Li Eubanks) meets her rich husband’s son Chris (Jared Scott), she instantly thinks he’s handsome. After a party at their house, Riley learns that Chris is actually a deranged sociopath out for revenge.

Premieres on Saturday 18 January on Lifetime (131) at 19:20

2. Avengers: Endgame

The highest-grossing film of all time comes to your screens this Sunday night. The epic Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers saga started back in 2008 with the first Iron Man and spawned a whopping 21 movies to bring you the conclusion to one of the greatest comic book stories. Picking up right after Avengers: Infinity War, and Thanos following through on his ultimate quest to cleanse the universe of overpopulation, the leftover Avengers band together in the hopes of undoing all the damage.

Premieres Sunday 19 January on M-Net (101) at 20:05


3. Reprisal

Bruce Willis (Die Hard, Armageddon, RED) stars in this action-packed movie as an ex-cop who’s about to help his neighbour fight off some really bad guys. That neighbour is Jacob (Frank Grillo) a bank manager who survives a bank robbery while his co-worker doesn’t. Suspecting that the police think he’s behind the heist, Jacob tries his best to clear his name by going after the real robber and it comes with deadly consequences.

Premieres Sunday 19 January on M-Net Movies Premiere (104) at 20:15

4. Jawline

This hard-hitting documentary follows a teen named Austin Tester from rural Tennessee and his aspirations to become the next social media superstar. Austin has dreams of holding onto his current success in the live-broadcast ecosystem by continuing to build his following on wide-eyed optimism and teenage lust.

Watch Jawline on Sunday 19 January on Sundance TV (108) at 21:00

5. The Wrong Cheerleader

Becky is a young teen with everything going for her; she’s social and has good grades and lands a spot on her high school’s cheerleading squad. She’s then noticed by the new boy in school, Rob and they fall for each other, but Rob soon develops an overbearing obsession that puts Becky in the worst kind of danger.

Watch The Wrong Cheerleader on Sunday 19 January on Lifetime (131) at 19:20

6. The Brink

This documentary follows American white nationalist Steve Bannon as he tries to mobilise and unify far right and neo-Nazi’s during the 2018 US midterm election race. Steve’s ultimate plan is to spread extreme nationalism on a global scale.

Watch The Brink on Wednesday 22 January on Sundance TV (108) ta 21:00

What do you get when you take one award show and 6 movies? Only the best DStv entertainment.

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