6 reality shows to bookmark this week on DStv

Catch some island love, discover ancient treasures, off-the-grid extreme building and a radical house swap in your dose of reality on DStv this week.

Love Island UK S5

Looking for love in the millennial era has taken on a whole new meaning with reality shows getting more and more creative to play matchmaker. In Love Island, these single hopefuls have to complete tasks and each week, someone gets voted off the island. Of course, ten personalities staying in one mansion can get a bit dramatic – conflicts arise and, on the odd occasion, love actually blossoms in this house. Hosted by Caroline Flack.

Starts on Monday 8 July on M-Net (101) at 23:00

Treasures Decoded S2

Some of mankind’s most enigmatic relics have yet to be uncovered, and this series seeks to unearth them all. These historians will bring to light mysteries from the tombs of ancient Egyptian princesses to the story of the Viking nation.

Starts on Tuesday 9 July on HISTORY (186) at 19:20

Building Off the Grid S2

Building these unique homes in remote areas is no child’s play, and these builders have to battle to work with mother nature and its elements whilst laying cement to brick or constructing log cabins, all within a tight deadline.

Starts on Saturday 6 July on Discovery Channel (121) at 17:15

Rich House Poor House S4

It’s a chance to experience the other side of life in Rich House, Poor House. One poor family will spend seven days in the house of one of the UK’s richest families, and vice versa. Not only is the change in lifestyle a culture shock, but sometimes lasting friendships are formed.

Starts on Friday 5 July on ITV Choice (123) at 20:00

Naked and Afraid XL S4

In Naked And Afraid XL, a collection of survival experts attempt to survive in impossibly difficult environments for 40 days. Expect intense real-life drama in the latest season.

Tuesday 9 July on Discovery Channel (121) at 20.00

Bridget Christie - Stand Up For Her

British stand-up comedian Bridget Christie takes to the stage for a hilarious live show that tackles the politics of gender, sex, and equality.

Tuesday 9 July on BBC Brit (120) at 20:00