6 Reality shows to watch now

Whether you’re tying the knot, carving a leg of lamb, going on a date, building a house or looking to move up in the world, these reality shows will have you covered.

Lifetime Wedding Season

It’s Wedding Season on Lifetime, and lovers of all things nuptial are going to be spoilt for choice. Starting with the brand new local show 2 Weddings and a Superstar, in which bridal couples get serenaded by a massive local artist, the season also includes new seasons of favourites Four Weddings (the US version) and Bridezillas, and new shows Marrying Millions and Amazing Wedding Cakes. It’s going to be a month of romance and wedded bliss.

2 Weddings and a Superstar S1 
Monday 9 September at 19:00

Amazing Wedding Cakes S1 
Monday 9 Sep at 18:05

Four Weddings US S6 
Wednesday 11 September at 10:00

Bridezillas S12 
Thursday 12 September at 19:00

Marrying Millions S1
Friday 13 September at 19:00

Bryan Inc S1

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler take on a new business venture together: building and renovating two houses for Bryan's company, Baeumler Quality Construction. With more at stake than ever before, Bryan and Sarah try to break the old patterns of their former contractor and client relationship, which proves to be a rather entertaining challenge.

Starts Friday 6 September on The Home Channel (176) at 18:00

Building Off the Grid S3

For some, the idea of living in an unspoilt wilderness 'off the grid', stripped of the trappings of modern life, is a wonderful dream. But building in these places where access to contemporary materials is limited and without a support network can be much more difficult. This series follows plucky people across the USA who are inspired to build in the middle of nowhere and escape the pressures of living in a city.

Starts Saturday 7 September on Discovery Channel (121) at 17:15

Kate Plus Date S1

You’ll remember Kate Gosselin from the reality show Kate Plus 8, in which she shared her chaotic life that revolves around her eight children. Now, Kate’s back. Divorced from her husband and with the children older, she’s focusing more on her own life and wants to give dating a chance. The first episode sees her turn to a matchmaker, who with the help of twins Mady and Cara, sets her up on two very different dates.

Starts Monday 9 September on TLC (135) at 21:00

The Butcher S1

While thousands of people practise the noble, highly skilled craft of being a butcher, not many of them can claim the title “Master Butcher”. Now, for the first time comes a first of its kind, extreme, high-stakes competition where the best butchers battle in a showdown designed to put their knowledge, strategy, and technique to the ultimate test.

Starts Monday 9 September on HISTORY (186) at 21:10

Black Girls Rock

Celebrating the brilliance of black women, the Black Girls Rock Awards recognises movers and shakers in a number of different fields, including music, entertainment, medicine, entrepreneurship and visionary aspects. Women who will be honoured include Angela Bassett, Regina King, Ciara and Debra Martin Chase. Actress Niecy Nash will host the proceedings.

Starts Sunday 10 September on BET (12) at 20:00