7 movies to look forward to on DStv this July.

As the chill sets in, there’s something for everyone on DStv, with these 7 movies guaranteed to make your night in that much cosier.

Five Fingers for Marseilles

Genre: Western 

A brilliant Western set in South Africa! Young Tau flees the town of Marseilles after killing two oppressive police officers. He returns 20 years later to find his home in the grip of a new threat. The lead is played by Vuyo Dabula, who you may recognise from Generations.

Watch on Friday 19 July on 1Magic (103) at 22:00 or stream on Showmax.


Genre: horror 

Hailed as the one true sequel to the 1978 slash classic, Halloween (2018) pits Laurie Strode and Michael Myers against each other in one final, bloody showdown on Halloween night. Original cast members Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle reprise their roles. This film broke two incredible records; it broke all box office records for the biggest horror movie opening with a female lead and is the highest-grossing film with a female lead over 55.

Watch it on Saturday 13 July on M-Net (101) at 21:00 


Genre: Horror

If you like to be scared, try this frightening horror movie starring Florence Pugh, Ben Lloyd-Hughes and Celia Imrie. A pair of sibling ghost-tracker scam-artists are hired by an estate owner who “just wants a quiet house”. But their usual charade quickly falls to pieces when they realise there’s a real paranormal presence in the house...and it’s not friendly.

Watch Malevolent on Saturday 27 July on M-Net (101) at 21:00


Genre: buddy comedy 

Based on an unbelievably true story, Tag follows a group of guys who have been playing the eponymous game non-stop since they were kids. Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm lead a cast of manchildren as they bring their shenanigans to the most inappropriate of events – a wedding.

Watch it on Sunday 14 July on M-Net (101) at 20:00 

Dead Draw

Genre: Crime

If you like action, don’t miss Gil Bellows and Michael Eklund in this tense action-thriller. Four loyal pros, a fool-proof plan to steal US$25 million. Everything is going as planned...until the getaway pilot turns up dead and trust goes out the window. Now, they’ll be lucky to survive the night.

Watch it on Catch Up and online at DStv Now.

First Man

Genre: biography

Based on the book First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong, this film stars Ryan Gosling as the astronaut who became the first person to walk on the moon. First Man looks at the years leading up to the Apollo 11 mission. It was a hit on the awards circuit, with Claire Foy receiving high praise for her role as Neil’s first wife.

Watch on Sunday 21 July on M-Net (101) at 20:00

Hotel Artemis

Genre: Action

M-Net’s final Sunday blockbuster for the month is a razor-edged, anarchic crime drama set in the dystopian LA of 2028. It stars the phenomenal Jodie Foster as The Nurse, head of a secret hospital for criminals that’s built on trust, and rules (like no killing the other patients). Also starring Sterling K Brown, Dave Bautista, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum and Zachary Quinto.

Watch Hotel Artemis on Sunday 28 July on M-Net (101) at 20:05

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