7 shows for the kids to enjoy before school starts

Holidays are almost done so make the most of the last few days with these super fun kids shows on DStv this week.

Disney Mech X4 S2

The robot-piloting teenagers are back! Ryan’s plan to level up at his new school is put on hold when he and his friends are forced to fight an extremely powerful new enemy.

Monday 8 July on Disney XD (304) at 18:20

Find Me in Paris S2

If you love ballet and/or time travel, you’ll love Find Me in Paris. This sweet series follows Lena Grisky, a Russian princess who’s transported from the Opéra de Paris ballet school in 1905, to the same spot in 2018.

Stream it now on Showmax.


This is a quirky retelling of the traditional damsel-in-distress fairytale, only this time, a fairy with a grudge has cursed the Prince with being ridiculously charming. Prince Phillipe Charming (voiced by Wilmer Valderma) teams up with feisty, independent Lenore (Demi Lovato), whose own curse makes her immune to his, uh … charms. Together, they must free Charming from his curse before his 21st birthday. Featuring John Cleese and Avril Lavigne.

Saturday 6 July on M-Net (101) at 15:30

Mighty Mike

As determined as ever to win the heart of his lovely neighbour Iris, our hapless pug decides to put on an impressive circus performance to charm her. With Fluffy standing in as a wild tiger and the raccoons Freddy and Mercury stepping up as trapeze artists, things don’t seem to go quite as planned.

Monday 8 July on Boomerang (302) at 17:05

Ollie & Moon

The traveling cat pals come to Showmax! Ollie and Moon are the best of friends, but their personalities couldn’t be more different: while Ollie likes to look before he leaps, Moon doesn’t think twice. Together, they travel the globe learning about different cultures and friendship along the way.

Stream on Showmax from 8 July

Nella The Princess Knight S2

Nella is the self-declared Princess Police and astride her trusty friend and unicorn Trinket she fights evil and protects the weak. Not one to wait around for a knight in shining armour, brave Nella and her father set off in hot pursuit after a fearsome gladiator who made off with King Dad’s crown.

Monday 8 July on Nick Jr (307) at 07:50

Caillou S5

Toddlers will love the entertaining misadventures of four-year-old Caillou. Each day he discovers something new and interesting with his mommy, daddy, and sister Rosie. He also has invisible friends, and spends time learning how to play sports and exploring nature.

Saturday 6 July on JimJam (310) at 09:00

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