8 Devious telenovela divas

DStv is serving up the most ruthless and manipulative divas with back-to-back telenovelas this June

Messing with them is not advised. The leading ladies of telenovelas are unapologetically brutal. DStv airs telenovelas with crazy twists and turns led by some strong-willed women, ranging from obsessive girlfriends to monster mothers who use their superpowers for evil. Here are our top 8 devious divas:

Iron Rose: Altagracia Sandoval

When wicked entrepreneur Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arámbula) walks into the room, she instantly commands attention and respect. It isn’t only because she’s breathtakingly gorgeous. She possesses a certain kind of confidence – some call it the X-factor. Altagracia or La Doña, as her business associates refer to her (because she’s the boss lady) mastered the playbook in a male-dominated construction world. Not too long ago, she had everyone eating from the palm of her hands, exploiting the poor and killing anyone who stood in her way to get to the top.

Altagracia wasn’t always self-assured, though. She went through hell and back after she was raped by a group of thugs when she was still a teen, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. The pain and anger from the incident fuelled her hunger for vengeance. She abandoned her daughter and spent years searching for the men who raped her. She succeeded, and Altagracia eventually killed half of them. With police after her for a series of murders corruption, and other crimes in between, Altagracia knew that she had to skip town. She faked her own death by drowning in the S1 finale. Like a boss she is, she later appeared in France, walking around without a care in the world. But a family tragedy in S2 will force Altagracia to return to Mexico and face her past.

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The Way To Paradise: Catalina Santana

No one can cross Catalina Santana (Carmen Villalobos) and get away with it. This is a woman who planned her own public assassination in the S1 finale. Who knows what she’ll do to her enemies when she gets her hands on them?

If you’re wondering how someone plans their own murder but still survives, here’s how: Catalina resented herself for joining an escort agency that turned out to be a drug trafficking ring. Naïve women like her are being manipulated into undergoing a breast augmentation to attract wealthy men, but the surgeries are actually a scam as the women unknowingly transport drugs in their implants.

Following a near-death experience at the plastic surgeon, Catalina hired the best hitmen in Colombia to kill her pimp bestie Yésica (María Fernanda Yépez) for all the sorrow she brought to her. But soon after, Catalina changed her mind and disguised herself as Yésica, leading the killers to shoot her instead. After months in a coma, Catalina has her head in place and she’s now a DEA agent, working with officials to take down Yésica and all those who deceived her. Just a friendly warning: Catalina won’t be playing nice.

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Along Came Love: Lilian

There’s nothing not to love about the Robles vineyard in Napa Valley, California. The scenic view, the mountains and clean air. It’s straight from a page in a travel magazine – and spoil, entitled matriarch Lilian (Azela Robinson) wants it all to herself. She’s had an eye on it for years. The problem is that it belongs to her son-in-law David, Robles (Gabriel Soto), so she’s scheming to take him out of the picture – for good.

When Lillian’s daughter, Elisa (Laura Carmine), who was married to David, discovered her mother’s betrayal and threatened to expose her, Lillian and her other daughter, Graciela (Kimberly Dos Ramos), conspired to steer clear of Elisa. But obsessive Graciela killed Elisa instead. Following Elisa’s sudden death, David was too grief-stricken to run his farm. Guess what his most trusted advisor and mother-in-law Lillian did? She put on a bogus smile, took advantage of David and continued to embezzle money. She’s plotting to take everything he owns. Talk about heartless.

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Road To Destiny: Isabela

If you’re going to mention ultimate heartless telenovela queens, curly haired and persuasive Isabela (Candela Márquez) deserves a spot on the list. She had a 5-year plan: get married to charming and filthy rich doctor Carlos (Horacio Pancheri). Move into her dream house, conceive as many kids as she possibly can, and live happily ever after. But that doesn’t pan out and he dumps her for high-school student Luisa Fernanda (Paulina Goto). While Isabela should respect his decision and move on, she grabs onto the doctor like her life depends on it. At first, she fakes a pregnancy, thinking that it’s going to drive a wedge between him and Luisa. When that doesn’t work, Isabela sets Luisa’s house alight, hoping that the high school student might get the message. Isabela is going all out to make Carlos and Luisa’s life a misery and when she’s done, they won’t know what hit them.

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Shadows From The Past: Candela

Not all mothers are nurturing and kind. Candela Santana (Alejandra Barros) is proof of that. Besides her designer clutch bag, she’s always seen carrying around pent-up anger and bitterness because she couldn’t marry the man she truly loved. She settled for her affluent and evil husband, Severiano (Alexis Ayala), who’s just as cruel as her. Rather than face her issues, Candela shifts her anger towards everyone, especially her son, Cristóbal (Pablo Lyle). If Candela doesn’t have issues with what he wears or the way he talks, she has a problem with who he’s dating. She absolutely despises his girlfriend, Aldonza (Michelle Renaud), who’s from a rival family. In the Santana house, her word goes and when Cristóbal refuses to take her orders and ditch Aldonza, Candela takes matters into her own hands. She’s trying to ship Aldonza to another town or better yet, another country altogether. As far away from her son as possible, please.

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Secrets At The Hotel: Ángela

Here’s the thing about housekeepers: they know every secret, which gives them plenty of power. Set in 1908, the telenovela takes place at the Gran Hotel where Julio (Erick Elías) arrives to investigate his sister Cristina’s (Ximena Herrera) whereabouts. Although she’s one of the oldest housekeepers at the hotel, Ángela (Daniela Romo) knows which direction to point him, because she knows which closet has skeletons. She’s hiding valuable information about Cristina to protect her son, Andrés (Carlos Rivera), who also works at the establishment. A mother’s love. Candela should take notes.

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The Other Side Of The Soul: Alma

One of the most common themes in telenovelas is pain, and different ways that these women deal with their trauma. In this Peruvian telenovela, Alma’s (Gaby Spanic) distressing childhood turned her into a baddie of note. She’s still holding onto rage after her aunt, Josefina (Saby Kamalich), and uncle, Carlos (Luis Cárdenas), wrongfully accused her parents of stealing from their jewellery store and threw them and Alma out of their house when she was a kid. On their way to find a new home, Alma’s parents died in a car crash. Josefina and Carlos apologised to Alma years later and took her in shortly after the funerals, but the damage was already done.

With each passing day, Alma can’t wait to settle the score with her aunt and cousin, Daniela (Michelle Vieth). She goes as far as having an affair with Daniela’s fiancé, Roberto (Eduardo Capetillo), when they’re older and she later ruins Daniela’s wedding. She won’t rest until Josefina and Daniela feel the same pain she did.

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Rebel In Love: Adriana

The title of this telenovela says it all. It follows two lovers, Laura (Antonia Santa María), and widower, Vincente’s (Felipe Braun), love story and determination to stay together despite his family’s disapproval. If only Laura knew what she was risking for Vincente, she’d run the opposite direction and never look back. The truth is, his overbearing mother, Adriana (Josefina Velasco), is the one who made the call to have his wife killed. She doesn’t want anyone trying to turn her son against her. Adriana wouldn’t think twice about arranging Laura’s death, too. She might just pull the trigger herself this time round.

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