8 great movies picked just for you

We are opening ourselves up to love and finding out what it means to be an oil magnate this week with these 8 intriguing movies.

Welcome to Marwen

Airing slightly later this Sunday, Robert Zemeckis directs this captivating film based on stranger than fiction real-life events. Beaten within an inch of his life and with no memory of his previous life, Mark Hogancamp (poignantly played by Steve Carell) designs and photographs his fictional life in WW2 town Marwen, with various miniature dolls representing his friends and enemies (real and imagined), to cope with his trauma and healing.

Premieres Sunday 10 November on M-Net (101) at 21:10


Boy Bye

Get your girls together as sassy real estate Veronica Love’s friends try to convert their care-free single friend to real love in this fun romantic film. When the friends set off to a singles’ retreat, Veronica’s heart threatens to give in to the charms of the handsome Lance – but is this the right love for Love?

Friday 8 November on 1Magic (103) at 22:00


Bleeding Steel

Special agent Lin Dong (Jackie Chan) must protect a scientist from an evil super solider who’s dead set on ending the world. While all of this is happening, Lin discovers that his daughter is missing and part of a sinister biochemistry experiment. Also starring Show Lo, Na-Na OuYang.

Saturday 9 November on Mzansi Magic (161) at 20:30


Iron Orchard

Set in 1939, Iron Orchard follows the story of Jim McNeely who gained wealth and infamy with the Texas oil fields. Not realising how it would change his life, Jim makes some questionable decisions where he sees the dark and brutal side of the industry. Starring Lane Garrison, Austin Nichols, Lew Temple and Ali Cobrin.

Sunday 10 November on M-Net Movies Premiere (104) at 20:30


Under The Tree

In a seemingly quiet neighbourhood, a disagreement about a tree sets off a chain of events that can tear families apart. This dark and macabre Icelandic comedy follows two neighbours who argue over a tree blocking the sun on the one neighbour’s deck. Cats go missing, cyclists are harassed and someone takes up shooting lessons, and everything spirals out of control really quickly and violently.

Sunday 10 November on SundanceTV (108) at 21:00



Keira Knightley stuns in “her best role yet” (according to Elle magazine) in this elegant yet courageous biopic based on famous French author Colette’s fierce struggle to claim ownership of both her work and her destiny, despite her scheming and controlling husband’s efforts to the contrary.

Premieres Monday 11 November on M-Net Movies (104) at 20:00


Mission Impossible: Fallout

Action addicts who have not yet caught the most recent exhilarating instalment of Tom Cruise’s iconic Mission Impossible franchise can now view this thrilling piece of cinema on demand on Showmax. With more incredible daring and double-crossing on the cards, Ethan Hunt is in once again in top form. But, as Empire magazine advises, “just be sure to take your heart meds first and hold on tight!”

Monday 11 November on Showmax



A man and a woman meet briefly after feeling like outsiders in the city of Porto. This isn’t the classic tale of love, though. The two navigate their romance with unusual expressions of love and care. Once Mati’s professor makes an appearance, Jake turns into someone both of them no longer know. Starring Anton Yelchin and Lucie Lucas.

Wednesday 13 November on SundanceTV (108) at 21:00