8 must-watch shows on the HISTORY channel

Spy wars. UFOs. Vintage cars. There’s so much to watch on DStv channel 186.

Must-see, thought-provoking content is here to stay on DStv. The HISTORY channel has extended its contract to air factual entertainment shows on DStv channel 186 - meaning viewers can continue to enjoy content that transports them to a different era and uncovers a world of mystery.

From revealing tales of real-life espionage to UFO cover-ups, top-secret jet plane engineering to rival soft drinks, the boom of the gaming industry, cars galore and the upswing of the axe - the HISTORY channel is here to stay, and it’s offering something for everyone.

Here are eight picks to check out:


1. Damian Lewis: Spy Wars

Known for his role as double agent Brody in the hit spy thriller Homeland, Damian Lewis hosts and produces this eye-opening series featuring stylish reconstructions of the cold war, the “war on terror”, as well as more recent espionage activities. Professionals and ex-spies on all sides including the Mossad, CIA, KGB and MI6, offer stunning insights into undercover operations that shaped our world as we know it.

Fridays at 20:15


2. The Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation

This eight-part series lends new credibility to many recent UFO theories, mainly due to the involvement of some seriously legitimate investigators and witnesses. From a former career intelligence officer to a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, multiple jet fighter pilots and navy captains, it becomes clear that the USA’s UFO research is taking on a life of its own.

Fridays at 21:10


3. Cola Wars

Whether you preferred the Real Thing or considered yourself part of the Pepsi Generation, the fiasco surrounding these warring soft drinks dominated pop culture and the nightly news in the 80s. This once-off special chronicles the warring companies’ quest for supremacy in the lucrative 100-million-dollar soft-drink industry.

Sundays at 20:15


4. Ax Men: Reborn

After suffering the tragic loss of Gabe Rygaard in a 2016 car crash, the logging Rygaard family’s business took a severe hit and the long-running show focusing on these hardworking lumber workers was understandably cancelled. Now Gabe’s father and brother are on a mission to restore the family business to its former glory – and with the lumber trade in a favourable upswing, it’s time for a comeback!

Starts Tuesday 12 November at 20:15


5. Secrets in the Sky: The Untold Story of Skunk Works

Aviation enthusiasts won’t want to miss a minute of this revealing series as it nosedives into the secretive Skunk Works programme, a revolutionary but mysterious department of the Lockheed Martin company responsible for designing and building America’s very first jet fighter. Dennis Quaid narrates from the journals and logbooks of the programme’s legendary founder Kelly Johnson, sweeping viewers off on a flight of discovery to relive some of the company’s most iconic designs.

Starts Sunday 17 November at 20:15


6. Game Changers: Inside the Video Game

Oscar-winner Daniel Jung's latest documentary is a fascinating celebration of the 100-billion-dollar video game industry's early successes, spectacular failures, bitter rivalries and lawsuits between gaming giants such as Atari, Nintendo, Sega and Sony. Focusing on the larger-than-life personalities behind these innovative companies, and featuring some astonishing archival footage, new generation gamers as well as those who grew up playing Space Invaders will find this film truly absorbing and entertaining.

Sunday 24 November at 20:15

7. Car Weekend

Just in time for summer, HISTORY’s Car Weekend takes a high-octane drive down memory lane with two iconic action heroes. In Battle of the 80s Supercars, cult celebrity David Hasselhoff takes a few spins in some truly revolutionary vehicles, created by inventors inspired by his iconic talking car KITT from the series Knight Rider, and also races a KITT reconstruction against the police motorcycle from CHiPs and the A-Team’s souped-up GMC van.

Then there’s action badass Chuck Norris’ Epic Guide to Military Vehicles, which takes viewers on a ride to discover some of the most incredible creations in military history.

Petrolheads can also look forward to marathon screenings of Counting Cars S6 and S7 as well as the Counting Cars: Danny’s Detroit Special in which Danny Koker heads to his hometown to appear at Autorama as the keynote speaker.

Daredevils celebrate the spirit of Evel Knievel as Nitro Circus’ Evel Live 2 showcases three epic motorcycle stunts, the highlight being a colossal 380-foot-jump to set the world record for the longest distance ever jumped on a motorcycle.

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 December

8. Soviet Storm: WWII in the East

WW2 experts will appreciate the unique Russian perspective offered by this brand-new historical war documentary chronicling the Red Army’s long and bloody road to Berlin. Through combining incredible computer graphics, re-enactments and original footage, the horrors of the clashes between Stain and Hitler’s forces are reconstructed and dissected. From withstanding the invading German force in the devastating Operation Barbarossa (the most intensive military campaign of all time) to the infamous largest tank battle at Kursk, a valuable new dimension is added to existing WW2 lore.

Starts Monday 9 December

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