8 sizzling hot telenovela heroes

The hot heroes of telenovelas will warm your heart this winter on DStv.

In telenovelas, he is a Galan, a heartthrob. This should be a man who is handsome enough to make even an Iron Rose weak at the knees, and charming enough to sweep the most diabolical of divas off those spiked heels.

The ideal Galan should be someone these gorgeous, passionate ladies deem worth fighting over and making enemies for. He can be rich or poor, but he must be unafraid to love and have a creative touch when it comes to expressing what’s in his heart. This is not a world where romance is icky girl stuff.

Alas for the divas, though, while a Galan aims to be true to The One, he is sometimes tricked into believing that his heart has been misled, and then she’ll have to go out there and win him back.

One thing is for sure: You cannot have a telenovela without a Galan. Here are 8 of our favourites…


Iron Rose: León

The start of Iron Rose S2 on Monday, 22 June brought a fascinating new player into the world of determined diva Altagracia Sandoval (Aracely Arambula) – León Contreras (Carlos Ponce), a noble police officer who was made to look the fool at Altagracia’s trial at the end of the month. And wow, did that sting! “He knows he is not perfect, but this incident hurts him because he realises that there is corruption among his co-workers,” says Carlos. “He’s a family man who loves what he does. A protector of the weak. He does things by the book.”

What León saw of Altagracia during her trial left him with a cautious kind of respect. “At that time, he does not see her as a victim but acknowledges that she is a woman who has suffered through a lot,” says Carlos. Despite that unfortunate first run-in, valiant León’s attitude soon caught Altagracia’s attention again, especially after he saved her daughter, Monica (Danna Paola), from a kidnapping in early July. “The chemistry will be immediate, but they each fight against it because they know that they’re on opposite sides of the battlefield. This is a perfect example of that famous phrase opposites attract,” says Carlos. In fact, León hadn’t been onscreen for more than a fortnight before fans were jokingly referring to him as Monica’s stepfather, despite the fact that he’s married and has a family of his own.

Honest men of the law are a novelty in Altagracia’s world, attractive ones, even more so. But by the end of July, mutual tragedies will leave them with a deep sympathy for one another. “Eventually life will put Leon in the same situation as she was and he will be able to understand her pain and frustration with the law,” hints Carlos. And from then on, sparks are going to fly. León and Altagracia will finally be in step with one another. “This is the story of a man who believed in the system, in the goodwill and faith of people until both the system and friends fail his expectations,” warns Carlos. And when two damaged souls join forces on a quest for justice, dark forces had better beware.

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The Way To Paradise: Hernán

This telenovela has its innocent princess Catalina "La Pequeña" (Carolina Gaitán), who was shut away from the world, her handsome and loving prince, simple delivery boy Hernán Darío (Juan Pablo Urrego), and a wicked witch, La Diabla – Yésica Beltrán (Majida Issa) – whose hatred threatens to tear them apart while her daughter, Daniela (Johanna Fadul), lusts after Hernán and strategises to get him to betray his love. In S2, the prince and princess join forces with Catalina’s supposedly dead big sister Catalina Santana (Carmen Villalobos) to take down evil Yésica.

Hernán is the leading man of little Catalina’s teenaged dreams, from the heart gesture he always makes to tell her that she has his heart, to the fact that he writes songs for her while being rather handsome and frequently not wearing a shirt. But this month when he suggests to Catalina that they have children together, Catalina won’t be quite ready for that journey. And before they can reconcile, another woman will step in and take what doesn’t belong to her. In fairytale fashion, the princess will need to turn around and rescue her prince, a man worth fighting for.

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Along Came Love: David

Vineyard owner and widower David (Gabriel Soto) is the subject of one young woman’s love – and another woman’s jealous and vengeful obsession. But what makes him so desirable, aside from his sweet, sweet grapevines? Alas, David is an unsuspecting soul, gullible, even. This is a man for a woman who enjoys a good rescue. David is trapped by his wicked mother-in-law, Lilian (Azela Robinson), his treacherous best friend, Juan (Christian de la Campa), and his lustful, obsessive sister-in-law, Graciela (Kimberly Dos Ramos).

Young Luciana (Irina Baeva) has a powerful trio to pit her wits against as she sets about heroically saving sad-eyed older man David from the mess that he’s in, and healing his broken heart. Some women can’t resist a fixer-upper, and David is like that rundown mansion with gorgeous architecture. So much potential, if he could just appreciate Luciana more and trust Graciela less. The wine is a bonus in this Farmer Seeks A Wife fantasy.

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Road To Destiny: Carlos

18-year-old violinist Luisa Fernanda Pérez (Pualina Goto) and Dr Carlos (Horacio Pancheri) had the ultimate romantic comedy “meet cute” when he literally saved her life after her secret biological father ran her over in his car at the start of the series. He’s so handsome that it’s no wonder she sometimes stares up at him like a stunned hamster. Carlos and Luisa have sworn to love each other forever. And Fernanda, ironically, proved in June that she is the right woman for him when she broke up with him so that he could do right by his ex-girlfriend, Isabela (Candela Márquez), who was pretending to be pregnant by him. Isabela is the kind of woman who’d flirt with her ex at a funeral. Ew.

Difficulties aside, Dr Carlos (he’s a doctor, Mom!) looks at Fernanda the way we’d want a lover to look. When she smiles, he cannot help smiling himself. He’ll press her little hand against his chest to feel his heartbeat, even when he has a perfectly functional stethoscope around his neck. Swooning romantic Carlos believes in love, doing what’s right, and protecting his family. But these love birds had best enjoy July’s love while they can, because things are about to get rocky and prison looms at the end of the month.

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Shadows From The Past:Cristóbal

Cristóbal (Pablo Lyle) and Aldonza (Michelle Renaud) tied the knot this week (he wanted to put a ring on it as soon as humanly possible) but their honeymoon will be cut short when Cristóbal is accused of murder. While he’s cooling his heels, Cristóbal’s mother, Candela (Alejandra Barros), warns them that their marriage might not even be legal as they could be brother and sister by blood. The young lovers are appalled, unaware that Candela is setting up Cristóbal to marry his ex-fiancée, Valeria (Thelma Madrigal), instead.

We have hope, though, as does Cristóbal because his passionate love with Aldonza started off in a pure childhood friendship and grew from there. From the moment she came back into his life, Cristóbal has behaved as if Aldonza is the only woman in the world, and as if their families’ bitter rivalry and past drama meant nothing to him because of her. A man who has the maturity to abandon a good, solid blood feud, stand up to his mother, and refuse to listen to gossip is a rare find in the world of telenovelas. Cristóbal insists that living your own life does not mean that you are disrespecting your family. But he’s not always Mr Maturity – both Cristóbal and Aldonza sometimes give in to that childish spark of mischief that makes their relationship both fun and passionate.

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Secrets At The Hotel: Julio

In this telenovela set in the early 1900s, Julio Olmedo (Erick Elias) is a man on a mission to find his missing sister – and then his sister’s killer – at her workplace, the posh Gran Hotel, where he goes undercover as a waiter. On the way to the hotel, he meets and falls passionately in love with aristocratic student doctor Isabel Alarcón (Irene Azuela), who’s headed also for the hotel and an arranged marriage with debaucherous, diabolical hotel director Diego Montejo (Jorge Poza). With Isabel now trapped in her marriage to Diego, her passion for the smouldering Julio is utterly forbidden and utterly irresistible. Julio, unlike Diego, does not have a villainous moustache.

Julio is handsome, determined, brave, honest and loyal – everything that Diego is not as a man. He comes from a humble family of miners but he admires and respects Isabel and trusts her with his secrets, whereas her husband just treats her like a shiny new toy or a pet to boss around. Alas, Julio and Isabel are also matched for passion, which means they break up and make up at the drop of a lacy hat throughout the show. Nonetheless, if your idea of love is forming a crime-busting, mystery investigating partnership with your sexy, sexy man, you could do worse than Julio. He and Isabel will have plenty to discuss this month as the Gold Knife Killer is unmasked.

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Rebel In Love: Vincente

This is the Chilean take on the “young woman in love with grieving vineyard owning widower” tale that telenovela fans might recognise from Along Came Love. Stern widower Vicente Correa (Felipe Braun) comes alive again as he slowly falls in love with Laura Muñoz (Antonia Santa Maria). It’s a volatile love opposed from all sides, particularly as Vicente’s in-laws want Laura out of the picture and Vicente’s estate for themselves. Vicente is even fighting himself, as he starts the show still in love with the memory of his dead wife.

Dour, responsible father Vicente and lively, free-spirited Laura couldn’t be more different, so this is one of those star-crossed love-hate relationships between opposites. But while Vicente might look like a beardy old stick in the mud, Laura brings out all his passion as she fights for his respect, and the two soon find themselves rolling around smooching in the dirt and leaves, or sweeping everything off his desk so they can smooch some more. Vicente fulfils that fantasy of having a handsome older man wrapped around your little finger and unable to resist.

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Valiente Amor (Brave Love)

Valentina’s (Stephanie Orúe) life of tragedy is turned around when she meets Alejandro (Nicolás Galindo), a handsome student from Lima. But Alejandro’s father Gerardo (Rodrigo Sánchez Patiño) is dead-set against the match because Valentina could be his own daughter. In July, Valentina needs to decide what to do about the fact that she’s pregnant, while Alejandro’s mother, Lorena (Jimena Lindo), has a difficult confession to make – one that could change everything for the love birds. We’re building toward the end of this couple’s journey, and they’ve suffered through so much together from broken wedding days to the horror of an incest baby and a history of family betrayal and tragedy, yet their love is undeniable – they’re matched in every way but circumstance. Alejandro is an honest, passionate young lover who was clearly head-over-heels for Valentina in an uncomplicated way to begin with. But the more he’s had to fight for love, the more his connection with her has matured. He’s your summer time love who turns out to be a man for all seasons.

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