9 new shows to make you feel at home

Whether you’re buying, renovating, selling or just dreaming, DStv has a show that you can play house with

Whether you’re climbing the walls or considering giving them another paint job, it’s time to start making plans. Spring is just a month away and wouldn’t it be nice to lay the groundwork for shaking off winter’s dust and shut-in feelings? Grab your notebook, book an appointment with your couch, and prepare to catch some inspiration. No matter what your budget is (and honestly, whether you even intend to follow through), DStv’s home shows in August are pulling up a big moving van full of fresh ideas, moving stories and beautiful projects. It’s mood board time with these 10 shows…


All About Property

In this rare series that looks at the South African housing market, host Cornelius Koopman and his team update viewers each week by chatting to estate agents and stakeholders about all kinds of property deals, including buying and selling, renting and maintenance, finance, legalities, disputes and the latest technology. Worth watching for a season at least before stepping into the property market and making the biggest investment or sale of your life. And it’s a huge help when it comes to prioritising the changes you might have in mind for your own home.

Watch All About Property S5 on Mondays on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 16:30


Grand Designs New Zealand

Architect Chris Moller looks at some ambitious, creative and innovative private houses in New Zealand. This season, we’ll see Property developer Sky Mason’s house on Slipper Island, which has no electricity, roads or running water (hard cheese to those builders!), and required all materials to be shipped or helicoptered in, which turned a 6-month project into an 18-month project. Asked if he’d do it again, he said, “No, not on an island, ever. I wouldn't recommend it.” Retired skier Ash Brownrigg, who’s building his dream home now that he’s retired, will have to weigh up how much say his family gets in the design and amenities in his mountainside log cabin. And one couple move an entire vintage house from one neighbourhood to another after it’s damaged in an Earthquake. As always, it’s a nail-biting interplay of big dreams versus practicalities versus pocketbook, and something has to give. This is an essential show for opening up your mind to possibilities you didn’t even know existed with houses.

Watch Grand Designs New Zealand S3 on Mondays on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 17:00


Selling Houses Australia

Australian property guru Andrew Winter shows homeowners what to do to get the best deal out of their home sale. He assembles a team of decorators, designers and contractors, including interior design genius Shaynna Blaze and landscape hero Charlie Albone, to help owners whose houses have been sitting on the market for a while without a nibble to figure out where the problem (and the solution) lies between pricing, presentation and communication. Aside from figuring out which cost-effective upgrades can be made, he also looks at how the homeowners can alert more of the right people to the fact that their home is on the market. The houses look so nice after their makeovers that it’ll have you wondering if the sellers wouldn’t prefer to keep and live in them.

Watch Selling Houses Australia S11 on Mondays on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 19:00


Pak Weg, Pak Reg

When it’s not practical to move and you haven’t the money to build on, there’s still something that you can do to brighten up your home and make it a pleasure to live in – and it’s all about having less and loving it more. Taking a page from Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up (2011), expert DIY and organisation duo Carin Smith and Janie Augustyn-Goussard will be knocking on the doors of South Africans who’ve reached out for help, to show them how to take the stress out of mess. And when they need a little practical help to speed the project along, they’ll call in their handyman, Frank, with his magic drill to make a little thing here and there. For anyone who wants to play at home, it’s a basic 6-step process:

  • Set a goal for your tidying project
  • Take out everything from the cupboards and hidey holes
  • Sort and organise
  • Bring in something new to encourage yourself to use the space in a different way (this can include paint, colours and fabrics)
  • Pack away – the right way
  • Enjoy!

And if you’re going, “But how?!?”, watching the show will help you realise that it really can be done, whether you’re a bit of a hoarder, or you find that cleaning up takes all your time and energy so you have no time to enjoy your house… or there is that one room or cupboard in your house that you just don’t talk about or look at. You know the one. While they’re working, Carin and Janie will be highlighting some of the traps we fall into that lead to us keeping things that we don’t truly need or ever get to use.

Watch Pak Weg, Pak Reg S1 on Mondays on VIA (DStv 147) at 19:30 or on Catch Up


What You Get For The Money

If you’re baffled about why people pay literal millions to live in a broom closet in the city, but mere thousands for a beautiful vintage home in the village, here come the answers. Estate agents keep telling us that when it comes to buying and selling, it’s about 3 things: location, location, location. This show will break down all the different factors that go into making one location more desirable than another. That can include things like 20-year development plans for area, what the tax base’s major sources of income are tied to, public transport, closeness to polluting industries, and these days, even whether your home is on a fibre network. That’s the technical part of the show. For the fun part, we get to see what exactly the same amount of money can get you in a variety of different locations. An old-timey stone mansion is so tempting, even if it’s in the warzone-looking part of Detroit.

Watch What You Get For The Money S1 on Tuesdays on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 19:30


Bargain Mansions

Bargain Mansions star Tamara Day returns with a second season of her fixer-upper series, along with her delightful handyman dad, Ward. “We’ve got some more extreme mansions this season. There’s a lot of variety. The bigger the challenge, the uglier something is, the better the result is,” says Tamara. And when she says bigger, she means it. A massive reno project will see her tackling a Colonial-style mansion that has 7 sun porches, while each bedroom in the house has a smaller adjoining room. Whether they’re walk-in closets, studies or secret hobby rooms is up to Tamara’s imagination. And when she says uglier… Tamara is launching into the season with one of the ugliest kitchens she’s ever laid eyes on. "Ugly is a turn-on, actually. Because I know it’s going to be amazing. It doesn't matter what I do, it's going to be better,” says Tamara. As usual, she’ll be tackling every aspect of the renovations, hands on. “I’m teaching my daughter what it looks like to be a strong, working woman. For my boys and my daughter, this has taught them that there is no dream too big,” she adds.

Watch Bargain Mansion S2 from Saturday, 15 August on HGTV (DStv 177) at 19:50 or on Catch Up


I Escaped To The Country

City folk who were looking to move out to the rurals through the various seasons of addictive house hunt series Escape To The Country return in this series to reveal which house they actually bought, and how they’ve been settling in since the big move. In the first episode, we’ll catch up with a couple who snapped up the property that host Jonnie Irwin showed them in the Wye Valley, and reveal what they’ve made of their plans to use some of their land to run a glamping holiday resort. Another couple will reveal how they’ve become part of the community and have embraced their retirement by joining the local art group. Nikki Chapman will catch up with folks in Cornwall who moved there so they could enjoy having their horses and other animals, and she’ll also call on a couple who’ve been making their country dreams pay off for the past 7 years. We’re always so frustrated when couples dither and don’t choose a house in the original series, so it’s lovely having this spin off, and to see them all revelling in their new lives really scratches that itch.

Watch I Escaped To The Country S3 from Monday, 24 August on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 18:00


House In A Hurry

Imagine if you had to pack up and leave on the fly to find a brand-new house in a new city, with no time to spare. You’re probably imagining something like a month as a jiffy. Try having just 1 weekend. This show’s real-life house hunters were chasing jobs and new schools and had to make the best decision possible in the least amount of time. They were also entering housing markets that are so popular that anything good is gone within hours of being advertised. You have to be smart and well prepared to seal the deal. The cameras follow the people relocating over 72 hours as they search for their perfect house and lock it down. “House In A Hurry is house hunting on steroids. These families are under a serious time crunch to buy a home, and sometimes things reach a breaking point. It's a real rollercoaster ride!" says,” says HGTV president Jane Latman.

Watch House In A Hurry S2 from Monday, 24 August on HGTV (DStv 177) at 19:50.


Homestead Rescue

Living off the grid is a beautiful dream that turns brutally hard in reality. But there are people out there who are willing to help. Marty Raney, along with his daughter, Misty, and son, Matt, help families who’re facing a steep learning curve when it comes to living off the grid in the US. The Raneys are lifestyle homesteaders with an enormous range of practical skills. This season, they’ll be helping to shape up a home that’s become a forest fire risk by fixing its electrical system. They help another family secure access to their most important food source by building a stable bridge across a creek, and they’ll show former city slickers the tricks of living with ever-hungry wildlife without it coming to a life-or-death situation for either party.

The Homestead rescue team films and works in all weather, which gives a truly authentic feel to the show, and a real idea of some of the challenges people face when they try to live independently in Alaska. Marty respects that the people he is helping are still learning. “You will never see me be hard on them personally. You will never see me condescend; you will never see me yell at them; you will never see me raise my voice. Why would I? I applaud these people. They took a risk to change their life. What they may not have foreseen is, that to live a simpler life, you’re going to live a harder life,” he explains. For those of us dreaming of living more eco-friendly lives, or even appreciating the lives that people in rural areas have lived for centuries, this is an essential show.

Watch Homestead Rescue S3 from Friday, 28 August on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) at 20:00

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