A globe-trotting week filled with factual storytelling and reimagining

Brutal murderers brought to book and innovations of the fast-developing Arab World displayed. All this factual entertainment and so much more on DStv this week.

These doccies are all about unveiling the truth… good or bad.

History of The Emirates

This documentary series shows the ancient innovations that lie behind some of the most enduring and romantic images of the UAE region – the camel caravanserai and the lush oases. Presented by Jeremy Irons, each episode will focus on a specific theme, namely society, innovation (have you seen their towering buildings?), trade, belief and unity. Cutting edge technology like CGI, will reawaken ancient sites and the UAE’s original landscape.

Wednesday 4 December on National Geographic (181) at 19:00


Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson S1

English actor, comedian, author, presenter and political activist, Sir Anthony Robinson, who famously played Baldrick in the cult-favourite BBC television series Blackadder, takes us on a long train ride around the globe. The first leg of his journey starts from St Pancras to Paris where he boards the 07:00 train.

Starts on Sunday 1 December on BBC Earth (184) at 16:03


The Object of Murder

Isn’t it just amazing (for lack of a better word) how a murder weapon or an object with a sentimental connection can reveal the motive behind a crime of passion? In 2016, Tricia Todd is reported missing when she fails to fetch her daughter from a babysitter. Police use her online journal to discover what happened… and it’s extremely brutal.

Monday 2 December on Investigation Discovery (171) at 21:00


Who Killed JonBenet?

A new documentary detailing the facts around JonBenet Ramsey’s death, an American child beauty pageant queen. New testimonies, depositions and handwriting analysis will reveal the truth behind the ransom note, the 911 call and the search for the child.

Monday 2 December on Showmax

Now that you hopefully have some answers about JonBennet’s death, be sure to keep it locked on DStv.

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