Action. Thriller. Music. All in the movie line up this week.

All the must-watch movies out this week that will make you laugh, cry and cheer

There are so many great movies in store this week – your toughest decision will be which one to watch first


For those who loved Daniel Radcliff in Escape from Pretoria, comes another TNT original movie with Zoey Deutch (Set It Up) and Judy Greer (The Village, 13 Going On 30). Buffalo, New York is known as the debt-collector capital of the US. When a young woman needs money to leave her hometown, she decides to become a debt-collector. But little does she know that, she’s disturbing the peace between the city’s rival kingpins.

Saturday 1 August on TNT (DStv 137) at 20:00

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Angel Has Fallen

The third movie in the trilogy, this action-packed adventure is well worth the watch. Hunky Gerard Butler stars as Mike Banning, a Secret Service agent who has been framed for an attempted assassination of the president. He must uncover the real terrorist threat while trying to evade the authorities.

Sunday 2 August on M-Net (DStv 101) at 20:05

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Octavia Spencer (Hidden Figures) and Juliet Lewis (Natural Born Killers) give incredible performances in this terrifying psychological thriller that will keep you up at night. A lonely woman invites some neighbourhood teenagers over to have a party at her house. But as the night continues, they start to realise that her intentions were not so good-natured after all.

Thursday 6 August on Showmax

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Everything Is Better in TWOs

Pitch Perfect

Settle in for a musical song-sation with plenty of college humour with this movie that kicked off Rebel Wilson’s career. As a freshman at Barden University, Becca decides to try out for an all-girls acapella group. Hoping to bring a little edge to their tired repertoire, she uses her DJ skills to make awesome mash-ups that give them a fighting chance at a national competition. Record on PVR now so you can have a marathon next week…

Sunday 2 August on M-Net Movies Smile (DStv 105) at 19:00

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Pitch Perfect 2

The Barden Bellas are back and this time they have their sights set on an international acapella competition. After a dismal performance in front of the President of the United States, their confidence has taken a knock. But maybe some new recruits will be just the trick to turn their luck around. Hailee Steinfeld joins as freshman Emily.

Sunday 9 August on M-Net Movies Smile (DStv 105) at 19:00

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John Wick

Worth the space on your PVR as this is a perfect date movie with action for the guys and delicious Keanu for the ladies. John Wick is a stoic, retired hitman who is suffering the loss of his wife when some mobsters steal his Ford Mustang and kill his puppy. It does not go well for the mobsters after this – but Wick’s carefully orchestrated revenge is worth the watch.

Saturday 1 August on M-Net Movies Action+ (DStv 106) at 20:00

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John Wick 2

After the havoc he inflicted in chapter 1, John Wick now has a large bounty on his head. He faces international assassins who want the prestige that will come from killing Wick. Luckily, John has reclaimed his beloved Ford Mustang and has a new fur-baby to love. Let’s hope these assassins are smart enough to leave them alone.

Sunday 2 August on M-Net Movies Action+ (DStv 106) at 20:00

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BET Weekend Movies (DStv 129)

The Kingdom - Friday 31 July at 21:30

Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman star in this action thriller as FBI agents who are investigating a bombing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With only 5 days to find out as much as they can, they must use every second they have wisely.

This Christmas – Saturday 1 August at 20:00

This movie will give you the festive feels. Six siblings decide to make the trip hope for a Christmas reunion. As the Whitfields gather together for the first time in four years, they remember all the reasons they stayed away, but also the importance of being together as a family.

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Glitter – Sunday 2 August at 20:00

The luminous creature that is Mariah Carey stars in this so-bad-its-good movie that is a must-watch. Carey is Billie Frank, a club dancer with the voice of an angel. Along with her best friends, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime to sing back-up for a pop star. A DJ realises her star potential and gets her some recording time. As her fame flourishes, her relationships take a turn for the worst. Catchy songs and a great message.

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Boomerang – Monday 3 August at 22:00

An oldie but a goodie starring Eddie Murphy in his heyday that showcases the double standards of men and women in society. Marcus Graham is a successful ad executive with a commitment problem. His new boss, Jaqueline Boyer, is immune to his womanising ways. After sleeping with her, he realises he is falling in love with her. But now the shoe is on the other foot as she gives him the run-around that he has given other ladies for years.

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