Watch TDC on DStv channel 123
Watch TDC on DStv channel 123

All’s fair in love and war on romantic Timeless Dizi Channel’s (DStv 123) telenovelas

Kickstart the Month of Love with drama-filled, romantic telenovelas on Timeless Dizi Channel (DStv 123)

Whether it’s a simple boy-meet-girl romantic tale, or a love story riddled with mystery and murder, Turkish pop-up channel Timeless Dizi Channel (TDC) (DStv 123) brings you telenovelas that will have you cheering for the couples this Month of Love. There’s a complicated twist in each storyline, and just when you think the couple are going to run off into the sunset and have a fairy-tale ending, there’s a hurdle that needs to be crossed. And to catch up on the story, you can binge-watch the telenovelas weekdays.

Just one disclaimer: With all the suspense and tension, these telenovelas can be addictive and soon you might be longing for a man to twirl his moustache at you in that special way. Here are some of the gripping love stories from each show. Happy watching!

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Blinded by love

It was love at first sight for Asiye (Özge Özpirinçci) and aspiring motocross racer Ilyas (Seçkin Özdemir) in the first episode of telenovela The Red Scarf. She was returning from the grocery store with a plastic bag and a bar of chocolate in hand, her signature red scarf tied around her ponytail. Ilyas, on the other hand, was practising his usual dirt bike stunts.

While riding down a hill, Ilyas loses his balance and falls off his motorbike, catching Asiye’s attention. “I wonder who he is. He is cute. It’s a shame he is wasting his life on that bike,” she ponders, before checking on Ilyas. Luckily, it’s just a minor accident, with little to no injuries. There’s an immediate connection between the pair. But Asiye’s parents demand that she marry a wealthy man – not Ilyas, whose passion and sport has done nothing but cause a rift in his family.

Being the strong-willed woman that she is, Asiye disregards her parents’ instructions and follows her heart. But after learning that she’s pregnant with Ilyas’s baby, things get a tad bit complicated. Ilyas drops her like a hot potato the minute his career begins to advance, and because Asiye is afraid to raise the baby alone, she considers settling down with the rich widower Cemşit (Baris Falay), who is prepared to raise her baby as his. Will Asiye wait for Ilyas to return, or will she give in to her family’s demands and tie the knot with Cemşit?

Watch The Red Scarf weekdays on TDC (DStv 123) at 18:20 and on Catch Up

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Taking the law into their own hands

There’s nothing that police officer Ömer (Engin Akyürek) wants more than to solve the case of his fiancée’s murder, even though she is said to have committed suicide. Desperate to find answers, Ömer strikes a deal with the state: He’ll track down the men responsible for a recent diamond heist and in turn, they’ll disclose the identity of the person who killed the love of his life.

Ömer doesn’t waste time. He partners with Elif (Tuba Büyüküstün), a young woman who’s also on a quest for the truth following her father’s sudden murder. To complicate matters, Elif’s father’s corpse was found in the same car as Ömer’s fiancée. How’s that for a bit of mystery? What the 2 are unaware of is that there’s a man who’s watching their every move, and he’s also distracting them from falling in love and discovering the truth.

Watch Black Money Love weekdays on TDC (DStv 123) at 19:10 and on Catch Up

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A mother’s touch

Set in the ’70s, Moms & Mothers follows the tale of 2 young women from different worlds who are brought together by a heart-breaking incident. Zeliha (Sinem Kobal) is an impulsive varsity student who goes behind her father’s back and marries her activist boyfriend Murat (Hakan Kurtas). Their happiness is short-lived following a misunderstanding at their university, and they’re forced to drop out and hide from the police at his ruthless mother Neriman’s (Binnur Kaya) house.

Like any other overprotective mom, Neriman is concerned when her son’s life begins to fall apart, and she blames Zeliha for all the chaos in his life. After all, he was a straight-A student, never in trouble with the feds, before he got hitched. Neriman enlists her brother, Ayhan (Okan Yalabik), to help tear the young couple apart, but Ayhan falls for Zeliha and his jealousy drives him to commit an unthinkable act.

On the other side of town, Kader (Hazar Ergüçlü) walks out of her marriage after she’s sexually violated by a family member and discovers that she’s pregnant. 8 months down the line, Zeliha and Kader give birth on the same day, but a twist of fate connects them forever – and their nasty battle for a baby boy begins.

Watch Moms & Mothers weekdays on TDC ( DStv 123) at 19:10 


Caught between a rock and a hard place

Like Moms & Mothers, Karadayi takes place in the 1970s in Turkey. Be prepared for bell-bottoms, moustaches and unbuttoned butterfly-shirts. In this mystery telenovela, Mahir’s (Kenan Imirzalioglu) engagement party with Ayten (Melike İpek Yalova) is ruined when his father, Nazif (Cetin Tekindor), is wrongfully accused of murder. Mahir immediately puts his life on hold to clear his father’s name and goes into disguise as law apprentice Salih. He starts working for the feisty lawyer Feride (Berguzar Korel), the attorney general who’s handling Nazif’s murder case. Before he knows it, Mahir falls for Feride, despite his attempts to stop himself from developing feelings for the lawyer. Now, he is torn between 2 women, and if he hurts Feride, she might just ruin his father’s chances of being released from prison.

Watch Karadayi weekdays on TDC (DStv 123) at 20:00 and on Catch Up

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A catch 22

After ending her brief marriage with a musician, single-mom Leyla (Seda Bakan) struggles to make ends meet on telenovela Wings of Love. She returns to her father Salih’s (Kadir Çermik) house, which he shares with his new unruly family. Leyla feels out of place, and while job hunting, Salih’s well-off boss, Haşmet (Mustafa Ustundag), offers her a job as his translator during a business meeting. Haşmet takes a liking to Leyla but she rejects his romantic advances as he is old enough to be her father, and she doesn’t want to be a trophy wife.

Leyla’s father threatens to disown her if she doesn’t accept the marriage proposal, so she prepares to marry Haşmet. But on the day of the wedding, Leyla sees Haşmet’s true colours. She grabs her newborn son and flees town. Leyla meets Alper (Kadir Dogulu), a charming man who unknowingly helps her escape. Sparks begin to fly between Alper and Leyla, but what Leyla doesn’t know is that he is married, and his wife is in a coma. Even worse, Haşmet is searching all over town for Leyla, and he is scheming to marry her, whether she likes it or not.

Watch Wings of Love weekdays on TDC (DStv 123) at 20:50 and on Catch Up

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Love is a battlefield

In 1920s Turkey, naïve Shura (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), who’s from an aristocratic Russian family, meets womanising lieutenant Kurt Seyit (Kivanc Tatlitug) at a ball in telenovela Kurt Seyit and Shura. He is everything that she’s always dreamt of: Tall, with piercing blue eyes and a chiselled jawline. Kurt Seyit reciprocates Shura’s feelings, and they believe they are made for each other.

But there is 1 – in fact 2 –obstacles: Their fathers. While Kurt Seyit’s father wants him to get married to a Russian woman, Shura’s father wants her to settle with a man from a noble family. The couple fight for their love, but they are headed for more hurdles, especially when Shura catches another man’s eye in their war-torn country.

Watch Kurt Seyit And Shura weekdays on TDC (DStv 123) at 21:40

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