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Die Presidentsvrou Season 1

In a TV first, this telenovela is dubbed in Afrikaans to the South African viewer. Paloma is a young, ambitious woman who wants to the wife of the future Colombian president. But things don’t go as planned when she meets a handsome, penniless theatre director. Will she chose love or power? 
Monday – Thursday from 1 September on VIA (DStv 147) at 17:00

Kopskuif Season 1

This wellness journey follows people working towards a healthier lifestyle. From weight loss to managing high-blood pressure, each person will share approaches that are helping them achieve their goals.
Wednesdays from 9 September on VIA (DStv 147) at 18:30

Hamm & Uuys

Slippery Spoon chefs Johnny Hamman and Marius Uys showcase their talents with meals that pay tribute to the beauty and diversity of South African cuisine. Each episode, they create a thank-you feast filled with creativity and flavour – just like us.
Mondays from 1 September on VIA (DStv 147) at 18:00


For fans of “Good Morning Angels’ on Jacaranda FM, this show brings their popular content to life on the TV screen. Each week, we will hear about situations where help is needed. As we discover how much we all have in common, it allows us to understand their situations better. Every week, a ‘where are they now’ segment allows viewers to see improvements that have happened form previously covered stories. 
Wednesdays from 9 September on VIA (DStv 147) at 18:00

Inbly saam met..

For local music lovers, this is a dream come true. Enjoy intimate music concerts with artists like Karlien de Villiers and Dewalf Wasserfall from the comfort of your living room.
Fridays from 18 September on VIA (DStv 147) at 19:00

Rusbanksessies met Dozi

Well-known local musicians, Dozi, invitees viewers to see his farm and enjoy his jam sessions with different artists. In between, they talk about life, love and everything else.
Fridays from 5 September on VIA (DStv 147) at 17:00

National Geographic (181)

Greatest Treasures of the Ancient World Season 1

Professor Bettany Hughes travels from the Nile to Lake Nassar to share the incredible achievements and important moments of the ancient Egyptians. Thought to be the greatest civilization in the world, this eye-opening documentary will leave you impressed with their achievements and wonder what caused their downfall.
Sundays from 13 September on National Geographic (DStv 181) at 20:00

Banged Up Abroad: Extended Sentence Season 1

A spin-off of the popular British docudrama, we follow the harrowing journey of people who have been locked up overseas and are struggling to gain their freedom. While most are smuggling drugs, some were kidnapped, while others were unknowing mules for acquaintances.
Mondays from 21 September on National Geographic (DStv 181) at 21:00

For the Kids

Horrid Henry Season 1

Get ready to meet Henry – a 10-year-old boy who’s always up to something.. well, horrid. He likes to through fits when he doesn’t get his way. And he definitely hates vegetables. Join him and his friends, Rude Ralph, Anxious Andrew and Brainy Brian as they live a life of alliteration and fun. 
Tuesdays from 1 September on NickToons (DStv 308) at 13:35

Figure it Out Season 6

If you have a secret yet bizarre talent, then you will definitely enjoy this show. Ordinary kids showcase their extraordinary talents while the panel of Nick stars try to guess what they are. Using messy clues and distracting sounds, the job is a lot more difficult than it sounds.
Mondays from 7 September on NickToons (DStv 308) at 16:55

Jimmy’s Inventions

Get ready to see some of the most awesome inventions right out of Jimmy Neutron’s mind. From the Time Replay Remote to the Dream Injector 5000, you’ll be in awe of all the cool and crazy things the boy genius has created.
Monday 7 September on Nicktoons (DStv 308) at 18:55

Terrific Telemundo

Operation Pacific

Amalia Ortego is an anti-drug agent working in Colombia, the narcotics capital of the world. She gets assigned to an international task force whose only goal is to catch a notorious Mexican drug dealer. When she falls in love, she has to learn to juggle motherhood, her passion for justice, and her new relationship. 
Mondays from 14 September on Telemundo (DStv 118) at 21:00

The Way to Paradise Season 3

Get ready to see the dark side of beauty pageants. Daniela will do anything to have her daughter crowned as the most beautiful girl in the region. But when another girl is being noticed for her beauty and brains, the catwalk turns into a battlefield. 
Thursdays from 10 September on Telemundo (DStv 118) at 21:00

TLC (135)

Darcey & Stacy Season 1

A spin-off of 90 Day Fiancé, the Silva twins are ready to tackle love again after they signed divorce papers on the same day. Watch as they deal with the struggles of finding their perfect match. Drama is inevitable as they both appear to have the same taste in men: young, international and devilishly-handsome.
Thursdays from 10 September on TLC (DStv 135) at 21:00

Doubling Down with the Derricos Season 1

Parents – get ready to watch this show in bewilderment. Meet Karen and Deon Derrico – a couple who are able to naturally conceive multiples. They have their hands full with 11 kids including two sets of twins and quintuplets. So imagine their surprise when they discover that they are expecting triplets. Your home life will seem so much more organised after watching this show. 
Wednesdays from 23 September on TLC (DStv 135) at 20:00

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 5

Betrayal, sabotage and secrets – that’s what the new season is all about. For fans of 90 Day Fiancé, this show shares the honest truth of what happens after the couples say ‘I do’. For some, in-laws involvement in the relationship makes it hard to continue their marriage. For others, cheating and financial issues play a key issue in the newlyweds’ struggles.
Thursdays from 17 September on TLC (DStv 135) at 20:00

Say Yes to the Dress Season 18

A new season filled with emotional moments as brides look for the perfect dress for their big day at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City. But bold personalities, budget clashes and family issues can make a dent on this amazing event. Buckle in for a whirlwind season with bridal expert (and bridal party whisperer) Randy Fenoli helps women find the dress of their dreams.
Sundays from 6 September on TLC (DStv 135) at 18:00

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