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Bad Education

Based on the true story of the largest public school embezzlement in American history, this riveting movie takes a look at the programmes that promote cheating in the educational system. Hugh Jackman and Alison Janney play superintendents of a school district that receive rewards for being the 4th best school in the country. Darkly funny and poignant – this is a must-watch movie.

Sunday 23 August on M-Net Movies (DStv 104) at 20:15


Rambo: Last Blood

Stallone returns to play John Rambo again – a retired war veteran who plans to enjoy the quiet life on his family ranch. But things take a turn when his daughter is taken hostage in Mexico. With the help of a mysterious journalist, Carmen Delgado, Rambo plans a dramatic rescue plan.

Sunday 23 August on M-Net (DStv 101) at 20:05


Beware of Mom

Get ready for another spectacular Women’s Month movie with Lifetime. A mom gets concerned that a rival mom is trying to steal her daughter by giving her lavish gifts and experiences. At first, the claim seems bizarre, but slowly events confirm her suspicions.

Monday 24 August on Lifetime (DStv 131) at 20:05

Cult Classics


This movie is so bad, you have to watch it. Chris Klein, LL Cool J, and Rebecca Romijn star in this action-thriller as three former athletes who enter into the fierce sport of Rollerball for various reasons. They soon realise that the gladiator-style competitions are more than they bargained for – but their only way out is to win.

Tuesday 25 August on TNT (DStv 137) at 18:00

The Waterboy

A classic Adam Sandler movie that’s perfect for fans of this genre. A mid-30s man with limited prospects has worked as the local college football team’s waterboy for 18 years. During an altercation, he discovers a knack for tackling. The team decides to hire him in the hopes that their new teammate can help them break their losing streak.

Tuesday 25 August on TNT (DStv 137) at 20:00

Deadpool 2

A mercenary gains special healing powers during a rogue, lifesaving experiment. He uses his powers to find the man who tried to kill him. But his best ability is his dark, twisted sense of humour. Ryan Reynolds stars as the sassy, reluctant superhero. Not recommended for the younger ones.

Sunday 23 August on M-Net Movies Action + (DStv 106) at 20:30

Love Actually

A feel-good movie with a spectacular cast – this movie is PVR-worthy. You will meet eight couples in different stages of their courtship. Their intertwined stories are revealed as we see love beginning for some and fading for others. Be on the lookout for wickedly funny cameos too.

Saturday 22 August on M-Net Movies Smile (DStv 105) at 19:00

Blockbuster movie weekends on BET (DStv 129)

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain – Friday 21 August at 21:30

After his public divorce, many criticise pint-sized comedian Kevin Hart of changing too much. He decides to share his commentary on his major life experience with the crowds of his world tour. Filmed at Madison Square Garden, this show is a uniquely humorous look at divorce.

Bringing Down the House – Saturday 22 August at 20:00

Steve Martin and Queen Latifah are a perfect pairing in this hilarious film. Peter meets a woman on the internet and finally decides to meet her in person. He discovers that he has been catfished by a convict on the run. She blackmails him into helping prove her innocence.

No Good Deed – Sunday 23 August at 23:00

A psychological thriller starring powerhouse actors Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson. An escaped convict (Elba) seeks refuge at the house of a single mother (Henson). Claiming he is having car trouble, the night takes a dark turn when the charming stranger shows he is not who he appears to be.

The Cookout – Monday 24 August at 22:00

A great comedy about when two worlds collide. A talented basketball player signs a deal multi-million dollar deal that allows him to move his family into a luxurious, high-class neighbourhood. Keeping up with their family tradition, he decides to host the annual family braai at his fancy mansion. Things don’t go as planned when his eclectic friends arrive just before his important endorsement meeting.

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