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An exciting month ahead with lots of new shows on DStv Access

Mzansi Wethu (163)

Date My Family Season 7

After some fantastic seasons, it’s great to have this family favourite back on our screens. This dating show helps singles find love with a fun twist – the input of their family. But things can get a little sticky when the chemistry is there but the family doesn’t give their approval or vice versa. Watch as love tries to grow in this unusual setting. 
Wednesdays from 5 August on Mzansi Wethu (DStv 163) at 18:30

One Night With My Ex

Breaking up is hard to do – but what happens when someone doesn’t get the closure they need? Watch this brilliant social experiment, where two exes come face-to-face for the first time since their break-up. Unpredictable and emotional, it’s a show that opens our eyes to the complicated path of love. 
Saturdays from 8 August on Mzansi Wethu (DStv 163) at 19:00

Our Perfect Wedding Season 8

Soon-to-be married couples get ready for their big day. There’s a flurry of emotions when the stress of family, changes to plans, and relationship doubts take over. Watch as the couples work together to ensure their big day is picture perfect.
Saturdays from 15 August on Mzansi Wethu (DStv 163) at 20:00

TLC (135)

So you love 90 Day Fiancé…

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

Fan favourites of this unusual reality series will be sitting on the edge of their seats. Settle down to enjoy unfiltered comments from the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 days’ cast as they respond to the social media frenzy regarding their offbeat relationships. There’s also additional spice as it’s the first time that all of the cast members will be together again. 
Tuesdays from 25 August on TLC (DStv 135) at 21:00

90 Day Fiancé: What now? Season 4

Their love has overcome miles of separation, the difficult immigration system, and planning a wedding within a short period. As the dust settles on their fresh nuptials, we get to see various 90 Day Fiancé newlyweds as they start forever together. For the singles, we see them work hard to move on after loved failed.
Thursdays from 6 August on TLC (DStv 135) at 20:00

90 Day Fiancé: Loren and Alexei Baby Specials

Alexei and Loren are universally loved as one of the few couples who have survived many obstacles in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. They met during Loren’s trip to Israel almost 8 years ago and finally had a magical marriage. Now, they’re embarking on the next step of their journey as they eagerly await Baby Brovarnik during the complicated times of COVID-19.
Tuesday on 18 August on TLC (DStv 135) at 21:00

TLC (135)

Dr Pimple Popper: Pop Ups Season 2

Dr Sandra Lee became an internet sensation with her nausea-inducing pimple-popping videos – so you know she has plenty of fans. Now her TV series regularly shows her treat lumps and bumps of all shapes and sizes. With her reputation as the best in the business, she uses top pimple-popping techniques. 
Saturdays from 8 August on TLC (DStv 135) at 20:00

National Geographic Wild (182)

Equator’s Wild Secret

The halfway point between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, life at the equator is vibrant and diverse. This six episode experience will whisk you away to the exotic lands of the Amazon, Andes, Galapagos, Borneo, and Africa. With more than half of the world’s species living in these locations, this series will be spellbinding and educational.
Sundays from 2 August on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

Predator Bloodline

An amazing look at six of the most feared animals in a world where only the strongest survive. Teams of filmmakers followed predators for three years to get the mesmerising footage. Passing on elite DNA that allows animals to thrive in the ever-changing environment has become more important than ever. 
Mondays from 3 August on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

South America’s Weirdest Animals

If it’s weird and unusual animals you’re looking for then this is the show for you! A show that reveals a wide range of animals that aren’t found anywhere else. The misfits and oddities that have evolved to survive this unusual landscape are worth the investigation.
Wednesdays from 12 August on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

CBS Reality (132)

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

It’s the stuff of bad country songs – people seeking revenge after a relationship has gone sour. This series tells stories of all the ways people have broken up with their significant others. And there’s even more drama as scorned lovers get their revenge on their cheating, lying former partners in increasingly creative ways… 
Saturdays from 8 August on CBS Reality (DStv 132) at 20:20

What’s new on FOX?

Outpatients Season 3

Dr Davies is back with more awesome stories about her medical practice in the heart of Johannesburg. As a woman on a mission to help others, she uses cutting-edge technology to assist people with their medical issues. Heart-warming stuff that will help you believe in the kindness of people. 
Mondays from 3 August on FOX life (DStv 126) at 20:00

The Candidate

If you can’t get enough of the amazing telenovelas on FOX Life, then this show is right up your alley. Deep in the complex world of politics, Regina has struggles like so many other women. An unruly teenage son, a husband who works too much, trying to keep her family safe. But as the wife of a top political figure, every move she makes is under scrutiny. Things heat up when a man from her past returns as a fresh new face in politics.
Weekdays from 11 August on FOX Life (DStv 126) at 16:40

The Home Channel (176)

Africa Modern

A design show that speaks to the African spirit. Take a tour of some of the country’s best house designs and interiors. We meet with architects and interior decorators as we learn about the art of mixing modern touches with startling, surprising and daringly different results.
Mondays from 3 August on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 16:00

How to Cook Well with Rory O’ Connell Season 4

Chef Rory is back for a delicious new season. This fun cooking show teaches culinary fundamentals through different recipes. Each week, you will learn to make three inventive dishes that will help you fine-tune your cooking skills and experiment with meals.
Mondays from 3 August on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 18:00

All About the Property

Host Cornelius Koopman discusses the complicated world of real estate in South Africa. Every week, he meets with various leaders in the industry to discuss the challenges and successes of property. Whether you’re renting, buying or hosting, this is a show that will give you all the facts you need to make the most of your property. 
Mondays from 3 August on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 16:30

What You Get For Your Money Season 1

Ever wondered what kind of property you could buy for $400 000 (roughly R6.5 million)? This show travels across the United States to see what kind of property is available for this large sum of money. It’s a fun journey through cities and towns to see who gets more bang for their buck.
Tuesdays from 4 August on The Home Channel (DStv 176) at 19:30

MTV Base (322)


Saturdays from 1 August on MTV Base (DStv 322) at 10:00

For the Kids!

Music Lullabies Season 1

For the fussy little one, this show will have them in dreamland soon. Every week, the cast reimagines the lullabies you know and love. Get ready to relax with this calming show.
Mondays from 24 August on Disney Junior (DStv 309) at 20:25

The Lion Guard Season 3

Based on the beloved movie, The Lion King, this TV series focuses on Simba’s second born, Kion. As third in line to the throne, he is responsible for the Lion Guard. Its only mission is to keep the Pride Lands safe. But when Scar returns, Kion must gather his friends to help.
Weekdays from 31 August on Disney Junior (DStv 309) at 16:30

Supa Strikas Season 1

Based on the popular comic strip, The Supa Strikas are known as the world’s greatest football team. They are on a world-wide quest for Super League glory but they will need more than talent to get the title. Heart-stopping fun for the football fan in your home.
Mondays from 3 August on Cartoon Network (DStv 301) at 17:00

Ninjago Season 2

A Lego TV series inspired by East Asian myths and culture. Two brothers are bound by a promise to keep the four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu safe. When older brother Garmadon decides to use them for his evil plans, it is up to Wu to build a team of ninjas that can help him. Now that Garmadon has all of the Golden Weapons, the ninja team decides to recruit more members to help them in their mission.
Saturdays from 22 August on Cartoon Network (DStv 301) at 8:05

I, Elvis Riboldi

The world is a big place and there’s so much to see and experience. For Elvis Riboldi, this means plenty of adventures and misadventures.
Saturdays from 29 August on Cartoon Network (DStv 301) at 16:30

Wild Kratts Season 1

A great show to introduce children to real-world problems that put animals in danger. Each week, you will learn new and interesting facts about animals and see how their habitats are being changed due to human influence.
Fridays from 7 August on PBS (DStv 133) at 16:00

Da Vinci (318)

Cats Uncovered Season 1

Make room on the PVR for this purr-fect show! An insightful series for anyone with a feline friend. We love them despite their aloofness, but what do we really know about cats? Join in the investigation to share why cats are the way they are. 
Sundays from 9 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 22:00

The Treehouse Stories

Based on the bestselling series about two people who live in a treehouse. But this is no ordinary tree-house! It has a laboratory, a bowling alley, and a see-through swimming pool. Join Andy and Terry on their wild adventures. 
Saturdays from 1 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 16:30


A great show to bring out the best in your kids. With a focus on science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM), this animated series follows a colourful cast of animals as they live on a farm. Every day, they realise that STEM can take them on many adventures around the world.
Saturdays from 1 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 15:00

Horrible Histories Season 8

A fun British TV series that recreates history in a funny way. From music, explorers and medicine to presidents, you’ll have a laugh while learning more.
Weekends from 1 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 17:00

Science Max

Imagine if you could take those dreary science experiments from the classroom and turbocharge them? This series takes science to a whole new level with massive learning potential. Science will never be more fun. 
Mondays and Tuesdays from 3 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 18:00

Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom

A great look at inventions that changed the world. Dick and Dom meet up with a new genius every week. Together, they supersize an experiment to make it as explosive and gravity-defying as possible. 
Fridays from 7 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 18:00

Operation Ouch!

Twin brothers and doctors, Dr Chris and Dr Xand, share what happens in the human body and interesting experiments they use to diagnose patients. A great show about our bodies and amazing medical advancements.
Weekdays from 3 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 17:00

Did You Know?

This show will help your kids look at ordinary things in a new light. Maddie takes a look at everyday objects and gets curious about how they work or how they’re made. Better than Googling the answer! 
Weekends from 1 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 19:30

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch

The apple does not fall far from the tree for Matilda Ramsay, the daughter of famous chef, Gordon Ramsay. She tries her hand at cooking various dishes from the UK and US. And of course, she has to serve it to one of the world’s most difficult palates... Her dad.
Weekends from 1 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 16:00

Teenage Boss

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about financial decisions. Presenter Eddie Woo meets families from all walks of life who get a suitcase of money. It is up to them to make sure all the bills are paid and to make the most of the leftover cash.
Weekends from 1 August on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 18:00

Mzansi Magic (161)


Saturday 1 August on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) at 20:30


Saturday 8 August on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) at 20:30


Saturday 15 August on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) at 20:30

Uthando Luka Yise

Saturday 22 August on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) at 20:30


Saturday 29 August on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) at 20:30

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