Mondays - Thursdays on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 19:00
Mondays - Thursdays on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 19:00

Angelique vs Mike: Legacy’s stalker showdown

Angelique Price is backed into a corner when her obsessed “bestie” Mike takes his stalking to the limit and pays her a “personal” visit at the Price Mansion, this week on DStv

Angelique Price (SAFTA winner Michelle Botes) is fierce in the boardroom, and she fears no man. But recently she has been a nervous wreck on M-Net (DStv channel 101) telenovela Legacy thanks to her stalker – who it turns out is her friend “Uncle Mike” (Russel Savadier).

Instead of the bold, brash, outspoken in-your-face Angelique we’ve come to know and love as Legacy’s queen bee villain, she has become a cowering wreck. She told Stefan (Sean-Marco Voster), her bodyguard and Legacy Head of Security, that she’s had a gun since before he was born, yet she froze when the police arrived at the Price mansion after being tricked by Mike. Angelique was left sobbing and begging “Save me, save me!” after Mike drugged her with the world’s most powerful hallucinogenic, making her believe that she was losing her mind.

This week is going to see Angelique praying for a guardian angel as Mike’s masterplan comes full circle on Wednesday, 23 June, leading to a violent, vicious confrontation.

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Mike the monster

Mike is no fool – he was around at the formation of Legacy Investments, he knows the cyber world inside-out, and he has a little black book full of seedy underworld contacts. He’s so ingrained in the Price family’s lives that he babysat Angelique’s daughters – Felicity (Mary-anne Barlow), Liz (Reandi Grey) and Lexi (Jay Anstey) – when they were teens and the girls loved him – until Angelique fired Mike earlier in the month for sexually harassing Legacy Investments staffer Petra (Trix Vivier).

For viewers, watching Mike over the past few weeks has been unsettling. He’s been at Angelique’s side throughout the stalker ordeal, moving slyly in the shadows and moving everyone around Angelique like pawns on a chessboard. He paid a friend to beat him up and convinced the Prices that he was ambushed by the stalker and given a message to deliver to Angelique.

When he’s almost trapped like a rat, Mike always has another shifty friend to call for a “favour” and escape again – remember how he phoned a friend, got the florist’s database hacked and made it seem that Mzisi (Siyabonga Thwala) was Angelique’s stalker? Seemingly nothing is out of Mike’s greasy reach.

Even security guru Stefan discovers the depths of Mike’s treachery this week. Stefan foolishly tells Mike, the man he thinks is an innocent and harmless bystander, that there’s a camera in the server room. After discovering that Msizi couldn’t possibly be the stalker – he’s not even in town at the same time that the server shows him being in the Legacy building – Stefan believes that the stalker has access to the server. If that’s the case, there’s a video of them tampering with the computer system. The look on Mike’s face tells you this is another little obstacle he didn’t expect, but he’s got that covered too.

Come closer, my dear

Mike’s stalking of Angelique has lifted the lid on his mental health concerns. The littlest verbal attack against her stalker by Angelique, like calling him a “pathetic little man” and “vile and disgusting” sends him off on a new mission to scare the ex-Mrs Price. Black roses, disfigured doll toys made to look like Angelique, recent photos of Angelique with her eyes cut out and writing scrawled across the image hint at a tortured man who sees a woman as a handy target for his rage.

Listen closely whenever Mike asks questions this week – like “Where are the security guards?”… he’s making certain that the coast is clear before starting the next stage of his plan. It’s not like he could just walk into the Price mansion carrying a big black box of roses or an axe without anyone noticing, right? Wrong – because Mike is basically family and no one suspects him, he’s strolling right through the front door unchecked.

That’s going to get terrifying on Wednesday when Mike and Angelique are the only people in the Price mansion. No domestic helpers, no butler, no driver, not Dineo (Kgomotso Christopher) or any of her daughters. 2 people in that very, very big, scary house is going lead to an epically scary chase on Wednesday, 23 June with Mike leering through Angelique’s door like Jack Nicholson’s crazed character, Jack Torrance, in 1980 psychological thriller movie The Shining, forcing a violent and dramatic confrontation of Legacy proportions…

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