Annika Noelle shares Hope’s soft heart, but not her enemies

Annika Noelle, Bold & Beautiful’s Hope on Eva (DStv 141), talks about life in lockdown and her animal-loving Bold besties

For the past two years, 33-year-old Annika Noelle has been starring as fashion designer Hope Logan, daughter of Bold & Beautiful’s infamous man-eater Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). And it’s been a wild ride, says Annika. “My first day on set was nerve-racking because I was starring opposite Bold’s biggest stars like Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook (Eric Forrester), but they were so sweet and welcomed me with open arms. They sure helped settle the nerves.”

The eternal love triangle

In recent episodes on Eva (DStv 141), Hope has found herself in a bit of trouble as she has feelings for Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) even though he’s married to Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Hope thought that she’d buried that part of her past, but it has dug its way back out again. “Steffy has cheated on Liam with his dad, Bill (Don Diamont), and Hope is just trying to reach out to Liam and give him a shoulder to cry on. She wants him to be happy,” Annika explains. The actress admits that Hope’s personality traits always get her in trouble, especially when it comes to men. “Hope is an idealist who always tries to do her best. She always sees the glass half full instead of half empty. Hope has an innocence around her, and she is very naïve.”

Annika off set

At home, though, Annika is nothing like her character. When it comes to wardrobe choices, she is more of a Steffy. “You won’t see me walking around in a Forrester Creations outfit. I’m a rock ’n roll girl who wears ripped jeans and Nirvana T-shirts. I listen to ’90s grunge music like Alice In Chains and Nirvana, and sometimes I’ll paint my nails black,” she confesses as we gasp and clutch our pearls.

Away from the camera, you’ll also find none of Liam, Steffy and Hope’s illicit nonsense. Annika insists that Jacqueline and Scott are her best friends on set. “They are my partners in crime,” laughs Annika. “Jacqueline, Scott and I immediately hit it off as we are big animal lovers. Jacqueline is a dog lover and Scott a cat lover. We just bonded over our love for animals.”

Animal attractions

Annika has been actively involved with animal rescue charities since she was a young girl. “As a teen in Boston, I worked at various animal shelters for cats and dogs.” She has also adopted a rescue cat herself. “I was working at a Los Angeles animal shelter and saw this small, ill little kitten that was on the verge of being put down. He looked so cute, I had to adopt him. I took him home and nursed him back to health. His name is Henry, but I also call him The Burrito Man because I had to wrap him up like a little burrito when I took him home for the first time.”

Annika loves animals great and small. In 2007 she travelled to Thailand to work at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, which looks after rescue elephants. “They are such humble animals. I enjoyed my month working with them so much,” she says. She still wants to visit The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust USA in Kenya, which also looks after elephants, “And I would love to visit South Africa and work on some big animal charities as well,” gushes Annika. “Maybe I can squeeze in a swim with the great white sharks (cage diving) as well when I do visit South Africa someday.”

Lockdown life

Annika has been holed up in her Los Angeles apartment since lockdown was announced in March in the US. “It’s just me and Henry here,” says the actress. “It was quite an adjustment to stay at home, and when I do venture out to the shops, it’s with my mask and gloves on. I try to buy from local produce shops to support the small businesses.” Breakfast is now her favourite meal of the day, and it’s always a breakfast burrito with some hot sauce. “These days at home my go-to meal of the day will be frozen mac and cheese. I’m not a great cook. Leave it to me to ruin a bowl of oatmeal,” jokes Annika, who is a fan of reality cooking shows Top Chef (2006-now) and Chopped (2007-now).

As Bold hasn’t been filming any new episodes since lockdown, Annika has had to find ways to keep herself busy. “It turns out I’m pretty good at building a puzzle. I just finished a 5,000-piece puzzle. Other than that, I make friendship bracelets and play a lot of videogames. The Bold crew have also created a Zoom Friday happy hour. All the cast, crew and producers will have a Zoom video conference meeting on a late Friday afternoon where we have a drink and just talk to each other.”

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