Beauty queen blindsided

She planned to kill them with kindness, but Lee-Ann ended up being the first contestant booted out in Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets

It seemed like the perfect strategy: keep your head down, don’t make yourself a target, and whatever you do, don’t let your opponents realise what a threat you actually are. But for Mrs Cape Town 2018 Lee-Ann van Renen, the quiet game she had intended to play backfired badly and saw her voted off in the first tribal council of the new season.

When her tribemates had to decide between voting off the bossy but less athletic Seipei or axing Lee-Ann, their choice caught the beauty queen completely off guard. “Now they sit with somebody who is not as fast and agile and an injured person who doesn’t know when his foot will heal. I still think they made the biggest mistake ever.”

It could be that Lee-Ann’s nemesis, Nicole (crowned Mrs South Africa in the year Lee-Ann was only in the top 25), would have ensured that she was eliminated as soon as possible even if the opportunity hadn’t come along right away. By aligning herself early on with Steffi, Rob and Nathan, Nicole secured her place in the tribe and positioned herself in a role where she and her “amigos” could pick off the outsiders – Lee-Ann being their first target.

Ironically, if Lee-Ann had been her outgoing self, she might have been included in this early alliance, but her decision to fly under the radar and keep to herself actually sealed her fate.

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